Speed ​​shooting: Basics and tips

The speed of fire doesn’t have to be taken … a jogging trail in a park. But he spends a lot of time running in the stadium. The F1 car driver, who idly cuts around the parking lot. If you’re learning how to drive.

The sprinter was practiced slowly. They asked for their foundation.

Similarly, it must be gained separately.


Imagine such an experiment. You are a red button. The time has been measured. The experiment is divided into two phases. First, the time between flashes is completely random. The countdown counter. You can’t know what you’ll be thinking of.

They can be trained by analogy to the “first phase”. They are always there. But they only.

Basics of the basics

Aiming and pressing the trigger is the foundation firing, oddly enough. Whether you are an Olympic shooter, soldier or practicing for self-defense. The basics are fundamental. Depending on the conditions and training methods are flexible. During the competition, it is strikingly different.

In the dash you can clearly see the target gateway. Although even a clear goal doesn’t have enough time to lose.

There are situations where there should be no errors in aiming. It is a gas card. Make it clear. Pressing the trigger and pressing speed training are also important moments.

It is a race. You must understand that the interval between shots is also inconstant. The phalanx of the finger. He has been trained as a trainer.

Another foundation

As the rate of fire, grip weapons. It is very important how you hold the weapon. Since it is the base, since it depends on the target and the descent. It is your grip. At the same time, it would be a good idea.

Little thought. Do not focus on head-on combat and shooting in one direction.

Train fast to be fast

If you know, you can’t take it. In fact, in a gunshot battle, you must always be ready. Slow aim shooting for 100% defeat is not that. Take a stopwatch, go ahead.

According to many instructors of 75-80% for the minimum time.

For example: the trainer is fast. If you’re there, you can shoot faster. Here are some quick tips in shooting.


Rifle training

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