Speedtac Quickdraw Knife – Unusual EDC Knife

Speedtac Quickdraw Knife “Folding knife from EDC”.

This knife, he … is unusual. And the first thing that catches your eye is its design. The knife has several positions:

  • Folded, blade inside
  • Folded, it is recommended for cardboard (boxes)
  • Unfolded, the blade is extended
  • Unfolded in handy.

There is a clip for the knife.

That’s not all. For a variety of jobs. Click here to remove the blade from the knife. Have Speedtac Quickdraw Knife There are three different types of blades:

  • Traditional (with stationery knives), with five detachable segments. Designed for accurate work.
  • “Blade-tantto.” Suitable for anything. Stroporez in the middle of the blade. Can not be used
  • Insulating blade. Asbestos, glass wool, frozen construction foam. In general, intended for construction work.

It is not clear yet.

So, EDC knives. Construction, installation, repair, and repair.

As a nice addition: from the “Urban Camouflage” to the orange or light green. It is increasing.


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