Spices for smoking meat, poultry and fish, choice of spices, characteristics of the most popular spices for salting mixes and marinades.

The taste of any dish, including smoked meats, depends primarily on the quality of the raw materials. The second important component that gives a special taste to any product, emphasizes its characteristic aroma and makes the dish spicy and original – these are spices. 

Spices for smoking meat, poultry and fish, choice of spices, characteristics of the most popular spices for salting mixes and marinades.

It is important that these additives and spices affect not only the taste of the products, but also their safety and shelf life. It is not surprising that in such a difficult process as the smoking of meat or fish, the presence of spices in the pickling mixture or marinade is only welcome. With the help of spices, smoked products will not only be tastier, but also can be stored longer.

, but also for medicinal purposes.


This spicy plant is especially widely used in Caucasian cuisine. Basil has long been known as a therapeutic and bactericidal agent. It stimulates appetite, improves digestion, relieves cramping and pain in the stomach, and has a calming effect on the nervous system. For pickling meat, fish and poultry it is used fresh and dried..


It is used for the preparation of marinades for meat and fish, as a seasoning and as a remedy. The needles and berries of the plant are widely used as an addition to firewood for smoking.


The immature dried fruits of a tropical plant have a delicate spicy aroma and a slightly spicy camphor taste. For thousands of years, cardamom has been valued as a spice, a medicine, an addition to bread and wine. Used for the preparation of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, marinades.


It contains a lot of essential oils, gives a peculiar taste to dishes and contributes to their long-term storage. Used for cooking fish, poultry, home-made sausages..


It is considered the richest vegetable crop containing a record amount of nutrients, in particular vitamins B1, B2, PP, C, U, carotene, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It is applied equally in culinary and traditional medicine.


Spicy and medicinal plant. Culinary experts recommend adding it to all fatty meat dishes: to lard, pork, lamb, smoked meats, sausages, game. That is why thyme is often present in pickles and mixes for harvesting pork, lard, lamb or fatty poultry.


One of the oldest spices with a strong taste. It is used in cooking very widely, in particular for the preparation of fish and meat dishes, especially lamb. They often sprinkle lard intended for long-term storage or further processing, because caraway seeds are an excellent preservative.

Based on materials from the book We procure poultry, meat, fish. Smoking, canning, drying, cooking sausages.
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