Spinning for micro jig: TOP best budget options

The concept of microjig is a special style of fishing, following which predatory fish can be caught on any body of water. However, to obtain the desired result, it is important to be able to choose the right gear. Spinning for micro jig should not only be easy, but also meet certain requirements.

  • Main characteristics and selection criteria for spinning
    • 1.1 Length
    • 1.2 Lure Test
    • 1.3Stroy spinning
    • 1.4Weight
  • 2Rating best spinners for microjack
    • 2.1Best budget rods
    • 2.2 Better than the average price rod
    • 2.3Best premium rods

Main characteristics and selection criteria for spinning

There are many criteria by which spinning rods for micro-burning can be characterized. However, the main characteristics are:

  • Spinning length;
  • Bait test;
  • Build spinning;
  • Rod weight

In general, spinning for micro jig in the process of fishing shows high sensitivity with a small weight of blanks and weights. But for this, they should be used throughput rings of small diameter. It is important that the products are light and durable at the same time.


The choice of the length of the spinning is based primarily on the conditions of future fishing. So for fishing from the shore a large rod can be used, whose length can reach 2.4 m. However, such spinning rods are used extremely rarely, and products of greater length are not used in microjig in general.

The optimal length of the rod is in the range of 1.8-2.1 m. These sizes are sufficient for fishing, both from a boat and from the coastline.

Bait test

This characteristic of the rod informs you about the weight of the bait that can be used, at which fishing will be as efficient as possible. A spinning test for baits is indicated by two numbers, the smallest of which is the minimum load and the larger the maximum.

For micro jig, the optimum dough for baits is a range of 5-7 grams. If you use a lure of less weight, then throw it far will not succeed. Exceeding the permissible limits of the test significantly increases the risk of breaking the spinning. In some cases, can be applied and ultra light rods, a test which is 1-4 grams.

Stroy spinning

For mikrodzhiga used rods with fast action. They are labeled Fast. This means that under load the rod responds only by bending the tip. Quick build spinning is of several types:

  • Moderately fast;
  • Medium-fast;
  • Super fast.

The tip itself has high sensitivity and softness. It is installed in the rod thin inset and acts as a nod. There are two types of tips for such rods:

  • Tubular hollow (Tubular). Marked by the letter T;
  • Solid (Solid). Marked with the letter S.

The tubular tip is used in rods with dough for baits of more than 4 grams. Solid done can clearly trace all movements of the bait. However, they are optimally suited to spinning with a minimum test of 1-3 grams.


For ease of use and high sensitivity, the weight of the spinning for micro jig should be small. Most rods are characterized by a weight of 120-130 grams. Elite spinning models do not exceed 100 grams.

To ensure such a small weight of the product, they are made exclusively of carbon fiber. For spinning, this material is often referred to as carbon, graphite, carbon fiber or carbon. Other materials in the manufacture of rods for micro jig are unacceptable.

To minimize the total weight of the spinning, it must be equipped with light coils and thin cords.

Rating of the best spinning for micro jig

The ranking of the best manufacturers of spinning for micro jig included such companies:

  • Maximus;
  • Graphiteleader;
  • Shimano;
  • Norstream;
  • Pontoon;
  • Banax;
  • Daiwa;
  • Zander.

Microjig SpinningBut when ranking the best spinning for microjack, rods are necessarily evaluated within their price category.

The best budget rods

In the ranking of the best rods for micro jig from the budget segment, the following models have come down:

  • Maximus High Energy-X;
  • Maximus Black Widow;
  • Norstream Element.

Maximus High Energy-X is one of the most affordable, and at the same time, high-quality spinning for micro jig in its price range. The rod is two-section, it has a pleasant appearance and high-quality fittings. It is completed with 7-8 rings. Spinning is great for beginners in microjack. The bait test is 1-7 grams. The main disadvantage of the product is its slippery case.

The Maximus Black Widow model was developed relatively recently, but has already won many fans. With a rod weight of 102 grams, it has a lure test of 1-7 grams. The length of the product is 2.1 m. Spinning is completed with anti-shiny mini rings, which ensure uniform distribution of weight over the entire length of the spinning. Also, the product is equipped with anti-slip neoprene handle. The top kit comes with a rod has a high sensitivity. The disadvantage of this spinning is its narrow profile. The product is intended only for microjack fishing.

When developing the Norstream Element rods, manufacturers put the main emphasis on equipping the product, as well as the shape of its handle. Two-section spinning rods have a wide range of lengths, from 1.83 m to 2.83 m. The lightest test bait rods of this series is 5-23 grams. However, most models are produced with a dough of 7-23 grams. The handle of the spinning is made of anti-slip material, neoprene (EVA), and also has a small size and ergonomic shape. The shape of the frame of the rings completely eliminates the problem of overlapping fishing line. In addition, the rings are equipped with inserts of wear-resistant zirconia. The disadvantage of rods is the weight of the structure, amounting to 128-148 grams.

Better rods of the average price category

The ranking of the best spinning for micro jig among products of the middle price segment includes:

  • Banax Mega MC90MHF2;
  • Daiwa Neoversal 762MLFS;
  • Zander ZRS-792M.

Microjig SpinningThe Banax Mega MC90MHF2 two-knee rod has an unusually long length for microjig spinning at 2.74 m. However, it also has high strength and sensitivity. The model is presented in casting and spinning form. Product weight is 142 grams. But thanks to the exact distribution of the load, the rod seems very light. This ensures accurate and long-range casting. The handle is long and made of cork material. The rod is made of carbon fiber medium and high modularity. Spinning is equipped with light and high strength rings of small diameter Fuji Alconite. The bait test is 7- 75 grams. The disadvantage of the product can be considered its greater length, which excludes the possibility of comfortable fishing from a boat.

The Daiwa Neoversal 762MLFS spinning two-section fishing rod has a length of 2.29 m. Despite its 165 t grams of considerable weight, the product is highly sensitive, convenient and accurate casting. Spinning is easy to use when fishing from the shore or from a boat. Rod rod has an average length and is made of cork material. It has an ergonomic shape, due to which a large weight of the product is significantly compensated. The spinning lure test is 5-15 grams. Because of this, it can be used for fishing on almost any predatory fish. The disadvantage of the product is that it will be quite difficult for the beginners in microjig fishing to use it.

Zander ZRS-792M two-piece plug-in spinning rods are distinguished by high strength with excellent sensitivity and casting accuracy. The product has a super-fast action and is most effective when fishing for pike, perch, zander and medium-sized wobbler. The rod has a large ergonomic handle made of EVA material. At the same time its front part is made of graphite. The weight of the spinning is 141 grams. The design is made of carbon fiber with a monolithic tip. The bait rod test is 5-32 grams. Due to the special shape of the tulip supports, the overlaps of the fishing line are practically excluded. Despite the wide range of test values, the rod is focused strictly on micro-jig fishing.

Top rods premium

In the top of the spinning premium for microjig fishing, these models include rods:

  • Graphiteleader Tiro;
  • Graphiteleader Finezza Trenta;
  • Pontoon 21 Detonada.

Microjig SpinningSpinning Graphiteleader Tiro differs elongated handle ergonomic shape. At the same time, the product is perfectly balanced and easily lies in the hand. With a length of 2.29 m, spinning is great for fishing from a boat, and for long-distance casts from the shoreline. Weight carbon structure is 106 grams. The tip is highly sensitive and responds well to even minor bites. The upper rings of the rod are equipped with a titanium frame, and the lower – with a stainless steel frame. This provides high strength and wear resistance of accessories, at the same time with low weight. The test for spinning lure is 1-12 grams. The disadvantage of the product is its high cost.

Graphiteleader Finezza Trenta is characterized by a significant range and accuracy of casts. Glued tabular vershinka provides high sensitivity rods. Spinning has a weight of 90 grams, with a length of 2.37 m. The ergonomic short forgrip rods are made of EVA material. The rings are framed in a titanium frame. The bait test is 0.6-8 grams. In some versions of this model, the maximum weight of the bait can reach 10 grams. In spite of many amenities, a beginner in microfuge fishing will find it difficult to use such a rod.

The length of the spinning rod Pontoon 21 Detonada is 2.1 m. The product is equipped with ultra-fast build and 8 rings with anti-overlap protection. The handle from pith material has a great length. Together with the recess of the reel seat, it is 41.5 cm. But despite this, the rod is well balanced and easily lies in the hand. Its weight is 129 grams. Claimed bait test 5-21 grams. In some variations of the model, this range can be 10- 32 grams. The main disadvantage of the rod is its high cost.

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