Spirit of the Apocalypse: Abandoned Cities of Abkhazia

The story of how to prosperous regions with a heavenly nature turned into ruins. How how nature devours the city. About what the war leads to …


It is a time for you to go to Tkuarchal. Having learned about our “misfortune”, he could help us. He will be able to get in and out of the main road. No sooner said than done. You’ll be rushing on the highway, overtaking the road, and you will kill us!

Moved to the desired bus. Mountains appeared over the horizon, it became cold. This climate is markedly different from the coast. Outside the window seemed destroyed by buildings and chimneys. Welcome to the ghost town of Tkuarchal.

The industrial center of Abkhazia was founded in 1942. The basis of industry was mining and coal. The Abkhaz Autonomous Republic is in the Soviet Union.

There was no administrative division in the city as such; however, Tkvarcheli included nearby locations such as Akarmara, Dzhantuha, Polyana, etc. The city itself is clearly geographically divided (due to local relief) and there is a number of hundreds of steps. There is a road to the entrance and exit (including railway). Interesting and unique city architecture. Formerly German soldiers (after 1943-44). German architects and engineers participated in the building design. It made it possible to make it so easy. The war of 1992-1993 caused irreparable damage to the city. Many buildings were destroyed, others simply fell into disrepair without proper repair.

It was 5 thousand people.

In this city, it is far beyond its surroundings.

Cable car connecting

Trailer stuck somewhere in the middle. It has been hanging here for decades.

The station building is very beautiful, but in a terrible state. There is no passenger message at the station.

Administrative building GRES.

Abandoned Motris in the bushes. True, the rear cabin is habitable, as indicated by the whole castle.

Seeing us from far away, Yes, and allowed to walk independently on the territory. In our area such hospitality can not be found.

During the war, the power plant was sheltered.

Abkhaz-Turkish company is carried out. Ochamchira, Turkey.

The same trailer.

The interior of the power plant.

After inspecting the station I replied that we were going to Akarmara. If you are hungry jackals. And it has been the case for the state district power station under its strict supervision. On that and decided.

After we went to the store and prepared to eat. We’ve been on the line

Where did you want us to go? It was very helpful, so we’ve got 16 kilometers up the hill. Heyoung
Railway bridge over Galidzgu. Ways dismantled. When the union went there with coal trains.


Polyana. Arthur, who brought you here before the war.

This is a former school. But did not last long. There is an unbearable stench. Now in her barn (or pigsty).

This is the most populated house. Some have their own vehicles.

The guard dog. As soon as she saw us, she barked, who attracted the attention of residents.

This is not a residential apartment. Nature slowly absorbs it.

Polyana is a mining town. Formerly, it’s about 10 thousand people.

In the late 80s, the mines were leaving. And then the war …

All who could-left. Remains mostly retired.

Cows roam the streets.

Empty streets …

Only sometimes local peeking from the balconies, to look at rare tourists.

On the ground floor of this house there used to be a shop. Now the nearest store is 10 kilometers away.

The apartments are empty. Overlap fail in some places.

Pigs graze near this house.

Awful picture.

Peace and quiet. No fuss.

The people here are kind and helpful. There is a custom to greet everyone, even strangers, it is very nice.

A burning light here is a sign of habitable housing.


Having left the Glade, Tkuarchal. Along the way, we visited another ghost town, Jantuha.

In the center are Cossacks.

Here, too, lived the miners. According to the Komsomol vouchers, people came from all over the union. Locals say there were many Ukrainians.

Abandoned cinema.

And this house has completely collapsed.


Main street in Dzhantuha. As you can see, they are blocked by roofs.

For the sake of interest, we went into one of the entrances. Here, in contrast to the Polyana, there remained in good condition. Someone’s kitchen.

And a bedroom.

In this room, even the old TV stayed. And someone already began to parse the parquet. Perhaps – for heating.

Children’s room with swings.

In this kitchen, only the stove survived.

Leaving Jantuha.

Seen from their windows. In spite of June.


Another town – Akarmara. But compared to Glade and Dzhantukha – there are a lot of people here.

Fast and noisy Galidzga. Wouldn’t risk wading her.

Having looked at everything, we moved towards Tkuarchal. He was 11 kilometers away. The driver offered us a lift. And then also showed the local attractions of the city.

Finally, the bonus is Akarmar waterfall. Very beautiful sight. The five-story house. Despite this fact I love you. It was agreed upon. It will be for tourists and tourists.

The spirit of the apocalypse. Part 2: Abandoned cities of Abkhazia

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