Spirit of the Apocalypse: Fukushima, four years later

how nature swallowed houses, cars, things – the city where the disaster occurred. Arkadiusz Podnesinski, Polish photographer.

Last year, Polish photographer Fukushima, my own eyes. He received the excitement of scenes from postapocalyptic film.

“Not a nuclear power plant,” he writes. It’s not a problem. “If you’re trying to downplay the scale of the disaster.”

Abandoned cars by nature:

Some of the cars have already disappeared in the wild grass.

Podnesinski demonstrates radiation of 6.7 µSv / h.

A parked motorcycle becomes one with the upcoming field.

These infected televisions were assembled and stacked as one of the mitigation efforts.

Cobwebs hanging over scattered products in an abandoned supermarket.

Inside the supermarket there is a post-apocalyptic films atmosphere.

This abandoned computer lab is covered with bird droppings from a nearby village.

Cooking stoves

It was the last race in the amusement park located in a 20km rift zone.

Grand piano and other musical instruments in school class.

The earthquake that caused the tsunami also caused damage to buildings.

These bikes were abandoned when residents rushed.

Classes were interrupted suddenly.

Empty halls with slot machines.

Taken from a landfills site.

Bangs of radioactive soil

The government says it’s skeptical.

After the accident. One farmer believes contaminated grass.

“Nuclear energy is a future,” reads the sign.

The photographer found that Japanese who returned to Fukushima, to save animals from starvation.

People were forced to leave everything here, including livestock and pets. Left without food, the animals were doomed to starvation. But one Japanese, 55-year-old Naoto Matsumura,

He doesn’t realize that much. Via volunteers, food money, he provides food for dogs and cats. Naoto Matsumura Fukushima.

Original photos on the website of the photographer

&# 171; The Spirit of the Apocalypse&# 187; Part 3: Fukushima four years later

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