Sports car for $ 100,000

Two brothers-acrobat from their town of Waterborough, On their account – “Swatbot“Multipurpose police robotic shield. Over remote control. This combination could not provide any combat vehicle, standing in service with the US Army.

In 2011, the brothers released a civilian version, which they themselves refer to as “a luxury personal tank” – Ripsaw EV1. Duramax V8 turbodiesel engine mounted on a ripple of 6.6 liters for 700 liters per horse.

It was about 5.5 seconds. The maximum speed was just over 120 km / h.

However, the brothers were slukavili, calling this miracle of technology “luxury tank.” Firstly, it was a freak and it wasn’t been a cockpit. It is not a sign of luxury saloon. And secondly, well, not a tank, not a tank! There is no armor, as well as well as weapons. ??

Ripsaw ev2

September 2015 Howe & Howe Technologies “saw” – introduced Ripsaw ev2.

The main feature was that the buggy turned into a serious indoor saloon. In some places (considering the design of the power frame) it can even be called lightly armored. In the case of the lumina frame, the molybdenum lumina frame, and the A440 aircraft aluminum body panels. It is also noteworthy of the Lamborgini sports car. Recaro seats.

In general, after all the release, this “luxury all-terrain vehicle” received from the military and civilian experts. There are no problems with this case.

Of course, not so simple. First, on public roads. Secondly, it starts from $ 100,000 and is only prepaid. Of course, it all depends on the configuration. In addition, it will be planned. Each machine is made to order. And at the same time, the device is worth it.


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