Spy satellite of special forces units of the Special Forces, defense, offensive, combat missions in the rear of the enemy, training manual.

and reconnaissance and sabotage units, which may affect spetsnaz units in the areas of their location, on the march, as well as in the conduct of combat by spy reconnaissance bodies in the rear of the enemy. 

The experience of the combat use of special forces in local armed conflicts indicates the need for knowledge and skills of scouts to conduct combined arms combat. In local armed conflicts, Special Forces units, as a rule, operate using armored vehicles, artillery and aircraft, which significantly expands the range of special tasks performed by Special Forces reconnaissance.

The content of the training manual Sputnik reconnaissance special forces.

The basics of combined arms combat and the actions of a soldier.

1. Defense.
2. Offensive.

Performing combat missions behind enemy lines.

1. Preparing a scout for operations behind enemy lines.
2. The technique of covert and silent movement and camouflage of scouts behind enemy lines.
3. Observation.
4. Search.
5. Plaque.
6. Ambush.
7. Diversion.
8. March and movement behind enemy lines.
9. Separation from the enemy pursuing with dogs.
10. Fighting with enemy helicopters.
11. Signals and control gestures.
12. Methodology for training personnel in operations behind enemy lines.

Fire training.

1. Pistols and shooting techniques from them.
2. Automata.
3. Sniper rifles.
4. Machine guns.
5. Manual anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7 (RG1G-7D).
6. RPG-26 anti-tank grenade.
7. Automatic grenade launcher on the machine AGS-17 “Flame”.
8. Grenade launchers.
9. Scout knife shooting NRS-2.
10. Hand fragmentation grenades.
11. Delays in firing and methods for their elimination.
12. Care of weapons, their storage and savings.
13. Some information on the basics of shooting from small arms.
14. Checking the battle and bringing the small arms to normal combat.
15. Safety requirements for firing.
16. References.
17. Methods of teaching methods of shooting from small arms and grenade launchers.
18. Methods of studying the rules of shooting from small arms and grenade launchers.

Radio preparation.

Psychological training.

Military medical training.

1. Features of first aid.
2. First aid for a burn.
3. Assisting heat stroke.
4. Freezing assistance.
5. Assisting a drowning man.
6. Evacuation of the wounded from under enemy fire.
7. Medicinal plants.

Life support.

1. Some methods of making fire.
2. Methods of making bonfires and their types.
3. Shelter equipment.
4. Water supply.
5. Cooking beggar.
6. Use of natural resources.

Foreign armies.

5. Counterintelligence measures and tactics of NATO forces in the fight against intelligence groups.

Teaching aid Sputnik reconnaissance unit of special forces SpN DOWNLOAD book

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