Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

If you’ve ever been interested in hunting, they say it’s always a good idea to start small. Animals can be extremely difficult to hunt, and starting with little will help you develop your goal and do not worry about making a mistake the first time. That is why we will provide tips for squirrel hunting so you can start. Knowing how to hunt squirrels will provide you with enough shooting practice, since these little creatures are always in abundance.

It is important to remember that if this is the first time you are hunting squirrels or using a weapon, it is better to have company, since accidents can happen and you do not want to be alone when you do. Always practice your safe weapons practices to ensure that you do not increase the risk of injury while hunting squirrels.

Practice is important

Before going hunting for squirrels, it is best to practice with fixed objectives. Open your way from bigger to smaller targets, since you do not want to waste ammunition if you fail. The practice will help you to measure how the gun feels in your hands and how to adjust your aim to deal with any backlash that may exist. Training your muscles to familiarize yourself with the sensation and movement of the gun when it fires will help you aim better when it comes to your real objective.

What to look for

It can be difficult to see the squirrels when they are in the trees, so it is best to observe the noise of falling debris, as this means that the squirrel is eating. It is also possible that you see branches that move, which indicates that a squirrel is jumping from tree to tree, and you want to be calm while following it.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

You need to practice a good technique of wood to stalk a squirrel, since they have an incredibly good hearing and they will notice you if you are not quiet enough or well hidden.

Stalking or waiting

When it comes to hunting squirrels, it pays to be patient. As soon as they notice you, they are gone, and may take a long time to return. So the question is, do you sit and wait or try to stalk them? Stalking can help you keep your eyes on the squirrel, but it means having to move quietly and it is very easy to lose them if the trees are full of leaves. On the other hand, if you sit and wait, you will increase your chances of improving your goal, but you could be waiting there for a long time.

To be honest, you have a better bet to hit a squirrel if you play the waiting game. Find a place where you trust that you will see squirrels and you will feel comfortable. You can do this by exploring beforehand; You’ll find leftovers that the squirrels have been eating, and it’s probably a good place for them to come back, especially the nuts. Keep in mind that if you are hunting at the beginning of the season, you may have difficulty finding them, as they have not yet fallen by themselves.

At this point, the squirrels will be on top of the trees trying to lower the nuts, and that may be too high for you to aim correctly. It is best to wait for the squirrels to look for the nuts that have already fallen to the ground, since you have more chances of hitting them.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

Corn fields also provide a large amount of food that squirrels love to chew. Hunting near these areas will provide you with a large number of targets to choose from, and will give you a much clearer shot than the trees in which they can hide. , so the best months are towards the end of autumn.

One way you can attract squirrels to your area is to find discarded pieces of food and sit nearby. Use your hand to move the litter and leave at random intervals. This will fool the squirrels into thinking that you are just another squirrel looking for food and will leave the trees to do the same.

Try using a call

If you are a little impatient, sometimes you can convince the squirrels not to hide with a squirrel call. It’s a little harder than calling turkeys, since they have a more complex language system that is not common knowledge. Not to mention that squirrels are simply much smarter than turkeys. You should not make calls in feeding areas, as they will see it quickly and remain hidden, and shooting in these areas will scare the squirrels even more. Use the call in a travel corridor you use to go from one food source to another.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

There are a variety of calls in the market that you can invest in, but the best one to get is one that simulates the squeal of anguish of a young squirrel. Squeak several times on a call while hitting the ground with a leafy bush or a young tree. It is supposed to simulate the sound of a squirrel being knocked down by an owl or a hawk, and the squirrels in the surrounding area will bark in response, revealing their locations. Keep in mind that in a few days you will not get any response, so it pays to be patient.

Hunting in motion

If you’re not the kind of patient to sit down when it comes to learning to hunt squirrels, you can try to catch them while you’re on the move. It takes a lot of practice to do away with these methods, as it involves staying as calm as possible and out of sight, and that can be difficult when squirrels have the highest vantage point. Expert hunters have two basic methods for hunting squirrels while they are in motion: they still hunt and use a firm walk.

Fixed hunting uses all the essential hunting skills that are used in the search of all kinds of games. He must be extremely stealthy, alert and ready to make difficult shots if necessary. Using natural cover and moving slowly can prevent the hunter from being detected, which makes it easier and faster to shoot down a squirrel when one has revealed itself. You may still have to spend a lot of time observing overhead to track the movement of a squirrel, but this method will kill you sooner than you think.

Going for a firm walk helps you aim and shoot the squirrels that are moving. The rhythm must be constant and energetic, but not too fast, which causes the details of the upper awning to be lost. Look for the silhouettes of the squirrels that are in the branches to facilitate the search of your objectives. The best time to do this is when the ground is wet, so that the sounds of your steps are muffled, but there are steps you can take if it is dry.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

If you must hunt on dry terrain that is noisier, take shorter, quicker steps to make it sound less like a human. Pause every ten or twenty yards; Squirrels will know of your presence, but they may not know exactly what you are until it’s too late. In these cases, you want to be ready to shoot at any time and thus not lose your goal.

So what do you do when you really see a squirrel in a tree or in a clearing that is not aware of your presence? The worst thing you can do is walk directly towards the squirrel. They will instantly see you coming and taking off in the other direction. Instead, if you need a closer shot, lean your way slightly away from the squirrel so that it looks like you are passing it so that it is less cautious and refrains from running away.

Taking advantage of the water

If there is a body of water nearby, you may want to participate in a float hunt. It can be very effective if you have a kayak or a canoe and you are able to shoot from these positions. They do not make as much noise as walking, which gives you an excellent advantage. Some stream bottoms are even dense for squirrels, which gives you even more opportunities to find more targets.

Squirrels seem to have more curiosity than fear about hunters who approach their territory by boat, and often run towards the branches of trees to scare these types of hunters. This makes them easier to shoot targets, but be careful. Shots can often make the squirrel fall into the water and sink to the bottom.

Other advantages of having

The best moments to go hunting are during the first hours of the morning, when they have just got up, and at night, when they are about to retire from the day’s activities. These hours are when they are most active in the search for food, so it will be easier to find targets to reach.

If you plan to bring a hunting dog, the best breed for the job is the Franklin mountain squirrel dog, as they are trained specifically for this job. They hunt as much by sight as by smell, they are excellent for tree squirrels and can alert their owners with a series of short barks that indicate when they have found their prey.

When the dog barks, a squirrel tends to burst on the opposite side of the trunk of the tree, and while the dog is turning, the squirrel will continue to move. This gives you a great opportunity to take a shot and hit your target. It is also known that these dogs trap wounded squirrels before they touch the ground, preventing them from escaping.

Knowing the different squirrels

There are different breeds of squirrels that reside in North America.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

And knowing the differences will help you discover what kind of areas to look for when hunting, as they prefer different types of trees and food sources.

  • Fox squirrels These live in the states of Pennsylvania and Great Plains, and are the largest squirrels in the trees. They have mostly gray fur with orange underbellies and tails. They prefer to live in small forests with large open areas.
  • Gray squirrels This is the most common member of the family and can be found almost everywhere. The eastern gray squirrel can be found from New England to the Great Plains, while the western gray squirrel lives on the Pacific coast. These are medium-sized squirrels that live in both forests and urban habitats, as they are opportunistic by nature.
  • The squirrels of Abert: These squirrels are easy to identify, as they have long gray-black tufts in their ears. Most of them live in ponderosa pine forests in the western and southwestern areas of the United States. These squirrels are quite unique, as they do not store food. Instead, they eat different parts of the pines, including the bark, needles and cones.
  • Pine squirrels: they are found in the western parts of North America, they are the smallest squirrels in the trees. The name actually encompasses a variety of squirrels, including red, pine and Mearns squirrels. Their diet consists mainly of pine cones and seeds that they keep under the den tree. They are the most vocal of all squirrels, so if you ever scare one, all your neighbors will know and your coverage will be upset.

Types of artillery

When it comes to the type of weapon you plan to use when hunting squirrels, it’s worth knowing what will be an advantage for you. Most people use rifles or shotguns to kill their targets, and both have their pros and cons. It all depends on how well you can shoot.

Most hunters use rifles, since they represent a major challenge to get a hit. They also make it easier to take longer shots that are more accurate and allow better placement of the shots to get the squirrel out quickly.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

Killers are also much cleaner and retain more meat if you intend to use the squirrel for a meal. Ammunition for rifles is much cheaper and can be found more easily at sporting goods stores. But this does not mean that the rifles are not without their disadvantages. They are not the best weapons if you are hunting for the first time and you do not have very good marksmanship. Another problem that could be faced is that many areas do not allow the use of rifles due to their long-range capability.

Shotguns are the other alternative to hunt squirrels, and have their own advantages and disadvantages. They make it easier for you to hit your targets, and they also allow faster shooting at moving targets. However, ammunition is more expensive and the spread of the shot can damage the meat, which makes it almost impossible to save it.

The type of weapon you choose really depends on your purpose in squirrel hunting; If you just want to get rid of them so they can stop plaguing your property, then a shotgun can be a better option.

Carrying the right equipment

Squirrel hunting is extremely economical, since you do not have to do much preparation beforehand to camouflage yourself. You are able to hunt squirrels even with the use of orange hunter as a safety factor, but having some type of camouflage will definitely help you. There is no need to hide your scent or go through an elaborate ritual to make sure the squirrels do not find you. While you are hunting, there are other things you must keep in your person, just in case.

These include extra clothes, some food and water, matches, a map, a knife and a compass. Nothing would be more embarrassing than getting lost in the woods without any way to stay safe. It is also worth taking your hunting license if the authorities ever stop you. Being without it can result in some heavy fines.

Squirrel Hunting Tips: Getting Rid Of Pests

Another important piece of equipment to invest is a good pair of walking boots. You will walk for an extremely long time in a sometimes difficult and humid terrain, so having waterproof boots can help keep you dry and your feet comfortable. Walking socks will help absorb moisture, keeping feet dry so that the material does not stick to the skin and cause chafing.

Definitely, putting these tips into practice will help you learn and adapt your practices to improve your squirrel hunting skills and end up with more objectives.

However, when it comes to hunting of any kind, it is important to check with the laws of your area so that you are not in a legal problem later on. Adherence to these rules will keep you out of jail or prevent you from having to pay very high fines, and not all states allow squirrel hunting.


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