SR-2 “Heather”: submachine gun with high armor penetration


In the 1980s, the second echelon. Concept of the emergence of the concept PDW – Personal Defense Weapon, translated into Russian, “Individual defense weapon”. Concept PDW guns and anti-aircraft missile systems This is a concept of self-defense.

But for special purposes, the weapons that have been identified as the guns were announced here. In addition, for these purposes, the APS, the Stechkin automatic pistol, was well suited. And in the late 70s, the AKS-74U was adopted. It is used as a guideline. PDW he didn’t pull.

A breakthrough through the 1990s. It was a 9x21mm pistol cartridge and a penetrating action. It was not clear that this was the case. 9x21mm for new cartridge, for 9x18mm, replace the standard cartridge for 9x18mm for the Makarov pistol (PM). The SR-1 pistol (unofficial name “Gyurza”) was specifically designed to be available from the TsNIItochmash specialists.

If you’re getting a shot of a submachine gun SR-2 “Heather”. The development of the gun was completed in 1999. Currently “Heather” It is a service of the FSB (detachment “Vympel”), for example, in the Moscow riot police department.

Characteristics and principle of operation

Performance characteristics SR-2 “Heather”:

  • Caliber – 9 mm; used cartridge – 9×21 mm.
  • Length: with a butt – 603 mm, with a folded butt – 367 mm.
  • Weight – 1.65 kg.
  • The initial speed of the bullet is 415-440 m / s.
  • Magazine capacity – 20, 30 rounds.
  • Shooting rate – up to 900 shots / min.
  • Sighting range – up to 200 m.

Several ways of automation. The use of a powerful patron is required uncommon decisions from them. It can be seen that it can be used to make it. This was the first prototypes were ready in the mid-1998.

It should be noted that initially “Heather” developed to solve a wide range of tasks. This is a distance from a distance of 200 meters. There are some types of different 9×21 cartridges with different bullets:

  • SP10 – increased armor penetration with a special steel core;
  • SP11 – with a low-profile bullet having a lead core;
  • SP12 – expansive bullet with increased stopping power;
  • SP13 – tracer bullet.

According to SP-11 and SP-13 cartridges were 1.5–2 times higher than PM. 100% guarantee with.

Submachine gun “Heather” The gas piston has been operated for a long time. At the same time, the gas piston is placed above the bolt carrier. The piston is hollow; It is located inside the piston. It is locked by 6 lugs. The gas piston and the bolt carrier; This is a case in point: the gun is locked. In this case, the pistol-machine guns is very rare. This is a decision of a powerful cartridge. Cocking handle rigidly attached to the bolt on the right.

Opportunities CP-2 “Heather”

Submachine gun “heather” Significantly expands the tactics of the gun “Gurza”. At one time, the SP-10 armor-piercing cartridge, the SP-11A ordinary cartridge, the Gyurza pistol and submachine gun “heather”, It has been designed specifically for the development of a complex high-performance rifle complex. Accuracy, power and ammunition PP “Heather” are sufficient to achieve a qualitative advantage over the enemy. When using this complex, a preemptive effect is also achieved with a possible fire duel. The use of collimator sights provides 2-3 times faster than using traditional “muscular” sights.

In front of the forearm SR-2 “Heather” is a hold handle. The submachine gun uses a trigger-type firing mechanism that allows you to use it. The letter is “fuse” and “O” – fire. It is located on the left side. Like the fuse, it also has 2 single fire automatic positions, respectively. The submachine gun is equipped with a folding metal butt, which is in the stowed position of the folds up.

Butt “Heather” It is a spring-loaded butt pad. The method of reducing the risk of the weapon. Together with submachine gun “heather” detachable box magazines for 20 or 30 rounds can be used. The location of cartridges in the shops – chess. Box magazines are installed in the pistol grip fire control.

Sighting device CP-2 It consists of 100 and 200 meters. It is a scaffolding of the rifle. It can be used to install a collimator sight. It helps greatly to reduce the number of targets.

There is an inclined propyl. The use of such a compensator allows you to effectively fire, even if the shooter holds “Heather” “In a pistol” (both with one and two hands). Small weight and size characteristics CP-2M in combination with the axillary suspension of the original form, Also “Heather” it can be carried on a belt that attaches to the front and back of the ankabs.

The main advantage SR-2 “Heather” There is a very high firepower effect. This is a combination of these qualities. “Heather” meets all requirements for class weapons PDW in the West.

The first serial submachine guns CP-2 non-interchangeable shops, overall minor damping. It’s a clear concept of reliability.

Currently version CP-2 not available. TsNIItochmash engaged in the production of versions CP-2M and SR-2MP. Upgraded pattern CP-2M from the original model:

  • It becomes a rule that it makes it possible for the firearm to be reduced to
  • For example, it is used to protect the brush.
  • The fuse box has been slightly modified.

CP-2MP version differs established Picatinny rail, which are mounted on the shank and receiver. In addition, this version can be installed butt modified.


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