Stanley Mountain Food System – camping food set

Here, you went on a campaign. Of course, the campaign will want to eat. It is up to you to make it your choice. (have breakfast, dinner) hot, still home cooked, with food. For example, it can be used. Although it is not a mind, especially since it is one mind.

But it’s not about her. Homemade food in hot water. Only a food thermos will help you in this. In this article, we will focus on:

Stanley Mountain Food System

It looks like a classic thermos. But it is not so. According to the matrioshka of 11-13 o’clock. Then, accordingly, the temperature will begin to change. In this case, the kit includes a small saucepan. That’s not all, so-mega-multitool – a spoon is also included.

It’s easy to clean.

Note. How can the above-mentioned change of dishes be ensured? Elementary. Overlap them, separating them from each other. True, the soup will be more difficult. But the pot on that? Pour from another container and heat up.

Enjoy your meal!

Bivouac equipment

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