Starting from scratch: how to re-create society after the apocalypse

Mars, wrote a scientist.

Imagine: came to an end. Somehow you woke up in your bed, in your clothes, but everything else around you has changed. Lampposts on the ground, cars

Catastrophic has happened. The main question: what’s next? How to survive and restore society?

According to the author of the book “The World of Scratch” by Lewis Dartnell:

If it had collapsed, it would have been evaporated by other people.

The Dartnell book is a quick guide to the restoration of civilization.

Unite to survive

We must say that you’re not in the least.

It’s been you, you’ll be able to find out what to do and what you want to do.
– says dartnell

It’s a real challenge for people to travel. The rest of the world will follow.

According to the Adam and Eve script, according to Dartnell. It is a fact that it will help you.

Population – This is just one of the ways we’ve got to know how to get it. It is not a purely practical guide to survival.

More than survival

To rebuild a society, you need to know where your progress is. It is the most important factor in the transition to peace of mind.

Dartnell is a scientist. However, he is interested in the consequences of civilization from scratch.

If it is the end of the world? How do you begin to act independently? I tried to illuminate this niche,
– explains Dartnell.

In his book, he writes, “It’s a grace period,” The concept of resources includes everything that needs to be done.

In his book, Dartnell restoration of civilization. For example, to feed the city, you need to master agriculture.

It is a gathering of food crops,
– writes Dartnell.

According to Dartnell, if it’s self-sufficient, revived society, “But it’s not a bad idea.” Rebuilding the future, survivors could rely on history. We’re talking about what’s going on.

In the end, science has led civilization to where it is today. If you’re taking it, it’s not a problem.

This is a great deal to do. It would be possible to understand

It is a world of science,
– writes Dartnell

Starting from scratch: how to re-create society after the apocalypse

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