Step-by-step recipe of salapinsky porridge for fidera

Salapinsky porridge for the feeder can be used as a complementary food and as the main bait. Its use almost always leads to a rich catch. At the same time you can catch various fish from the carp family, from crucian to bream, to salapa porridge. But to get a quality catch, you need to know from what and how to cook it properly.

  • Features and composition salapinskaya porridge
  • 2Step Recipe and Cooking Rules
    • 2.1 Select the ingredients
    • 2.2Preparation
  • 3Recommendations how to use bait
    • 3.1 Flavorings and flavors

Features and composition salapinskaya porridge

Salapinsky porridge is used not only for feeder fishing. It can be used as a complementary food for any fishing method. The composition of this porridge is very budget:

  • Perlovka;
  • Barley grits;
  • Pshenka;
  • Corn grits.

Also, when cooking, water, unrefined sunflower oil and vanillin are used.

Salapinskaya porridge for fideraConvenience and peculiarity of such porridge in its taste attractive to fish, as well as large parts of the mixture. Ingredients are too large for small fish. Because a trifle can not pull apart the entire bait. At the same time, for trophy fish species, the bait is not enough to saturate, and it only whets their appetite.

Step-by-step recipe and cooking rules

There are several types of recipe bait. However, all of them are based on the classic version of the Salapinsky porridge, invented and published by its author, Dmitry Salapin.

In the process of cooking porridge should take into account the water in which the fishing will be carried out. For places with the presence of an active water flow, the bait must be sticky and weakly disintegrate. Otherwise, the bait quickly spread around the pond, and lure the fish in a certain place will not succeed. For places with stagnant water, a crumbly mixture should be prepared. Such bait will quickly crumble in the water and collect fish in the right place.

However, you can change the consistency of salapinsky porridge directly at the pond. Overly viscous bait can be made more crumbly by simply adding some raw corn grits to it and mixing thoroughly. Excessively dry consistency is adjusted to the required viscosity by pouring water into the porridge and mixing thoroughly. Also, a crumbly mixture can be brought to the desired consistency by adding to it boiled flakes of hercules porridge steamed in boiling water.

Choosing the ingredients

For cooking salapinskaya porridge according to the recipe, cereals can be bought at any grocery store. Pre-steam or rinse cereals before cooking is not necessary. It is only important during the entire cooking time to continuously remove the foam that forms. This is not necessary to remove dirt from the cereal, it does not matter for the fish. Part of the foam is folded proteins. If it is not removed, the finished bait will quickly sour and scare the fish away, instead of attracting them.

The water in the cooking process is used running, with a tap. However, if possible, for the preparation of Salapa porridge, it is better to use water from the reservoir in which fishing is planned. So the bait will become more natural and attractive for fish. But the water must be collected on the eve of fishing.

Salapinskaya porridge for fideraIn the process of preparation, it is necessary to adhere to the proportions, according to which the amount of water for cooking should be 3 times more than the volume of barley and millet used. In the absence of vanillin, it can be replaced by vanilla sugar. In this case, 1 bag of vanillin, weighing 1 g, is replaced by 1 package of vanilla sugar, weighing 10-15 g. Vanillin can also be replaced by 1 tsp. honey

In the absence of corn grits, it can be replaced with barley in the same quantity, and vice versa.


To prepare the correct salapa porridge for feeder fishing, all the main ingredients must be cooked and mixed in the following sequence:

  1. In a suitable saucepan bring to a boil 4.5 tbsp. (900 ml) of water.
  2. 0.5 tbsp is poured into boiling water. (100 g) Barley. Immediately after this, the fire is made minimal and the pan is covered with a lid. Boil barley porridge must be fully cooked. However, periodically it is necessary to check her condition, mix thoroughly and be sure to remove the foam. In the process of cooking it is very important not to digest the porridge. The finished cereal grains increase by more than 2 times against the raw grains, and a light, almost transparent, rim appears at their edges. On boiling pearl barley takes about 35-40 minutes.
  3. To the finished pearl barley, in the same pan, add 1 tbsp. pshenki The mixture is thoroughly mixed and cooked over low heat.
  4. 3-4 minutes after the addition of millet, 1 bag of vanillin (1.5-2 g) is poured into the pan, and 2 tbsp. l unrefined sunflower oil. The contents must be thoroughly mixed and covered with a lid.
  5. Porridge must continue to cook until complete readiness millet. As soon as it is cooked, the mixture in a closed saucepan is removed from the heat and left for 1-1.5 hours to simmer. During this time, the croup must absorb all the remaining water.
  6. If water remains in the pan after the time has expired, then it must be carefully transferred to another container using a skimmer.
  7. In a separate container, mix 1.5 tbsp. corn and 1 tbsp. barley dry cereals.
  8. Pour the dry mixture of cereals into the pearl barley that was welded to millet and mix thoroughly.

Salapinskaya porridge for fideraAs a result of cooking should get a mixture from which you can easily sculpt balls. But at the same time, it should crumble with a strong compression of the molded lump.

Readiness salapinsky porridge for the feeder can be checked by dropping a small ball in a glass of water and watch the behavior of the bait. Ideally, it should slowly crumble, not faster than 2 minutes, but not longer than 4.5 minutes.

Recommendations on how to use bait

When using salapinsky porridge for feeder fishing, it is important to choose the right design of the feeder. When fishing in quiet stagnant water, it is best to use a spring design, or a round plastic feeder. Fishing in the water over time will be more effective with a rectangular trough. And for fishing in strong current conditions, the best option would be a triangular design.

Separate recommendations for the preparation and use of salapinsky porridge for the feeder, depend on whether the bream or crucian carp is caught:

  1. The probability of catching a large bream increases significantly, if you need to feed the place a little bit 3-4 hours before the start of fishing. This can be done both with special purchased fine-dispersed compositions, and with the help of small balls of Salapino porridge. When fishing from the shore, the bait is screwed in with a small ball and thrown into the water, mostly by hand. If fishing is done at a great distance from the shore, a feeder feeder is used. The bait should be completed if the fish of a small size are actively starting.
  2. To catch a crucian bait is necessary to use. The bait begins immediately before fishing, but it should not be much, no more than 5 small balls of porridge. Otherwise, the carp will quickly get enough and leave. In the spring, porridge should be cooked just before fishing, otherwise its smell can scare the fish away.

In the case when fishing fell through, the finished bait can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Also, the porridge can be scattered in a thin layer on sheets of paper and dried. Dilute it is already fishing, adding to the dry porridge water. It will not be superfluous, in this case, to fill up in the process of kneading the bait some dried grains in the crumb.

If necessary, long-term storage of the finished mixture, it is recommended to place in the freezer. When defrosting such a bait will have high flowability and poorly collected in lumps. To return her normal consistency, you need to steam up the oatmeal in boiling water and gradually add to the porridge. However, when possible for each fishing, it is better to cook fresh salapinskaya porridge.

Flavoring additives and flavors

In Salapa porridge, you can add various additives. However, they can be both universal and used exclusively for one type of fish in a particular season. Universal supplements are:

  • Peas, it is actively pecked bream;
  • Manka;
  • Steamed wheat;
  • Honey;
  • Cake;
  • Linseed oil;
  • Walnuts. They significantly increase the appetite of carp;
  • Ground crackers;
  • Sunflower seeds;
  • Hercules porridge
  • Gingerbread.

For luring fish in spring and autumn, you can additionally use such flavoring additives and flavors in porridge:

  • Garlic;
  • Dill;
  • Anise;
  • Grilled fried sunflower seeds.

Salapinskaya porridge for fideraIn the spring season, fishing will be much more effective if you add a small amount of finely chopped worms, maggots or bloodworms to the Salapa porridge, just before the casting. In addition, to the porridge should add a little clay from the reservoir, which is fishing. This will allow the fish not to get saturated too quickly and increase the chances of catching a large individual.

In summer, it is recommended to use honey, tutti-frutti flavor, cream, strawberries, cocoa, banana, caramel, peach as additives to the Salapinsky porridge.

When adding salapinsky porridge with various auxiliary ingredients, it is important to remember that the bait should not be tastier than bait.

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