Stocks in case of BP – what is stored for how long?

Properly organize a week trip – one thing. But it’s a bit of a cataclysm, anyway Big P … is quite another. This is the case of the university. Everything is a psychological approach. A real survivor must be prepared not only technically and physically, but not also morally. And all these three factors are crucial. There are in short, they are thoroughly preparing.

However, it is not the case that they will deteriorate at the most inopportune moment. If it comes to BP, then it will be inappropriate. Poisoning for the victim. However, it can be in principle. So.

Possible stock of products in case of BP

Canned food

It is a documentary evidence from the nineteenth century. Yes, they were kept, of course, in permafrost conditions, but nonetheless. Do not lose your taste. Modern stored less than 5 years stretched without problems. This is a great product. But canned food is also spoiled. If you are a person, then you can eat it. How to prevent such a situation? For a start, if you’re looking for it, it’s possible.

After this – carefully inspect the bank. It is not suitable for use. Although there are exceptions. For example, canistering sweating – Ice occupies a larger volume than water. So, this bombing disappears. This is also an alarm signal. So there could be a multiplication of microorganisms, and it is due to the accumulation of their metabolic products. This is completely normal due to lower environmental pressure.

There is a possibility for condensed milk. the jars. In addition, it can be significantly reduced. But this, again, is not dangerous for life. Canned food from offal, such as pate, also poorly tolerate high temperatures – soften and lose their taste.

Documented shelf life of stew – 2 years. In practice – 3 times longer.


Excellent source of carbohydrates. Easily made, long stored, almost do not deteriorate. Nearly. You must comply with the conditions of storage. They can be stored in bags, folded in bags, which are packed in a plastic bag, which can be folded in a large canvas bag. Why such difficulties? To protect against moisture, insects and mutual damage. Actually, it is easy to determine the amount of damage to crackers – mold on the surface and discoloration. Rye-wheat crackers are stored two years, the rest – up to a year.


Due to hermetic vacuum packaging, they are perfectly stored. Actually, if this damage starts up pretty quickly. Accompanied by a musty smell and a noticeable deterioration in taste. Shelf life – 2 years.


Almost completely complete lack of fluid – perfectly stored. But over time, the carotenoids become oxidized, and the macaroni themselves become rancid. Fortunately, you can still eat them. Crumble when cooked into small pieces. It can also be exposed to mold, which makes it completely unusable. Shelf life without egg and milk additives – 12 months, i.e. year. With additives – half a year and less.


Everything is absolutely the same. Wrong store – there will be mold. There will be a mold – it is impossible to eat. The product will still be spoil sooner or later. First, the normal flavor will disappear. Then the color will change (rancid and oxidized), and then the taste. There is still possible, but not that. Shelf life without changing properties – up to three years.

Sugar and salt

Where do without them. Can not be afraid. However, it causes some damage to the stocks – some grains coalesce, stick together and melt. However, it is not particularly affected. Shelf life – formal is not limited.

Dried fruits

In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins are also needed for long-term survival under extreme conditions. Dried fruit Yes. less than fresh fruit, however, they are stored much longer. But again – it all depends on the storage conditions. Eliminate the access to insects, eliminate the excess moisture – and, in fact, everything. At least guaranteed half a year you have in stock.


Year he will surely live – if of poor quality. If you are not so concerned, some years it is not only possible to eat it out. It is not the most pleasant, of course, very hungry, but nonetheless.

In addition to the basic first-aid kit, they are always carried out. It is a clarification of the life of the woman. no way), but do not abuse it. Just enough.

We remind you. In practice, they can be more or less. If you’re trying to maintain a cool water temperature, you’ll be unprepared. At least in terms of food stocks.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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