Stocks of food and products in the home emergency stock, survival kit for home and apartment, calculation of the number of products, their storage.

As well as water supplies, food supplies and the number of products for a home emergency stockpile are calculated based on the norm of their consumption by an adult per day. On average, in a state of complete rest, a person spends about one kilocalorie per hour for every kilogram of body weight. This energy is used to maintain blood circulation, respiration, metabolism, etc., and is called the main metabolism.. 

Stocks of food and products in a home emergency stockpile, survival kit for home and apartment, calculation of the number of products, their storage.

The average daily costs for the main metabolism in men are on average 1800 kcal, in women 1500 kcal, in children almost the same as they grow and therefore spend no less energy than adults, although they have less weight.

or an emergency, the availability of free space for storing food and the possibility of replenishing it, but preferably for at least three days. Before starting the calculation of products, you should make at least an approximate menu and pay attention not only to the total daily calorie content, but also to the presence of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet. The weight ratio of which in food, for rough calculations, should be 1: 1: 4. However, now there are many specialized programs that will simplify this task for you. In case of unforeseen circumstances, after the final calculation, add to the obtained result another plus rate per person. In addition, consider in the calculations of your pets, the norms for which can be found in the specialized literature.

Products in the Home Emergency Stock.

The easiest, fastest, most effective, but at the same time the most expensive way to build food stocks in a home emergency kit is to buy freeze-dried foods. For example, manufacturers such as Trek’n Eat, Wise Food Company or Mountain House. For example, the largest set of freeze-dried products by Wise Food Company includes 4,320 servings of 17 kinds of dishes and weighs 338 kilograms. Shelf life from 7 to 25 years. With three meals a day, a family of three such a set is enough for more than one year.

Of course, in the assortment of these manufacturers there are other sets designed for much shorter periods of several days, weeks or months. But as mentioned above, with all the convenience and practicality, such freeze-dried products have a very high price. The choice of conventional products and food for a home emergency supply depends on personal taste, but simple products are stored much better and can be used in more diverse ways. For example, grain is stored better than flour, as it is less vulnerable to moisture, light, insects, and temperature changes. However, it will have to be ground in order to get flour, so in this case you must not forget about the small hand mill.

Vitamins and minerals in a home emergency stockpile.

In addition to the actual food, you should definitely stock up on vitamins, now there are a great many of them in any pharmacy. The body can store about a monthly norm of most vitamins, and then, if it does not receive them, the state of health will worsen. In stressful situations, vitamins are consumed faster. Give preference to multivitamin complexes, they also contain useful minerals, which fully provides the body’s daily need for vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin tablets have a limited shelf life, pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Storage of home emergency food supplies.

Store your food supplies in a dry, cool and dark place. The cooler the storage location, the better food will be stored. Moisture and heat are a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms and mold. Food stocks are best kept elevated above the ground. All packaging should provide protection against insects and rodents. For storage of products, if they are not in the original packaging, cans with screw caps or plastic containers with tight lids are ideal. Do not overfill them to avoid deformation and that the covers close properly.

Label each jar or package with a waterproof marker, or as a separate sticker, signing the name of the contents and the end date of storage. Replace products on a planned basis, using the oldest first. Use a methodical approach during storage, even if the sticker with the inscription falls off, you should still be aware of the contents. To fully seal the containers, you can use adhesive tape or tape. After partial consumption, seal the container again, but remember, the more you open it, the faster the contents will deteriorate.

Recommended shelf life of products and food are indicated on the packaging. For individual products, they average, for example: grain (wheat, oats, etc.) without restrictions at temperatures below 15 degrees, milk powder 2 years, honey without restrictions, egg powder 2 years, salt in absolutely dry form without restrictions canned products 3-5 years.

Emergency Product Recommendations.

In the event of an emergency or emergency, immediately determine all available daily food supplies, norms and the order of their consumption. Eat fast food first. Fatty foods spoil the fastest, and canned foods are stored the longest. First, cook pork, which has the highest fat content, then lamb, and only then beef, which is best stored. Boiled milk is stored longer. Boil eggs or cover with a singing of fat, and if you have gelatin, just dip them in it.

Complex carbohydrates provide the body with energy in the best way, they are easily absorbed and they need a minimum of water. For a short time, the lack of protein in the diet will not be critical for the body. If you turn off the power supply, then refrigerators and freezers will stop working. Their full thawing will take some time, it can be increased if they are opened as little as possible and at the same time closed as quickly as possible.

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