Storage of firearms in the car

Immediately a reasonable question arises – is it even possible to store firearms outside the home?

It would seem that the correct answer is “No”. The weapon should be either with itself or in a safe place (read – in the safe at home). But there is, as they say, one nuance – and what if it is a safe place to organize where it is always with you?

Yes, you thought correctly, we are talking about a car. Many of us spend most of our time besides home and work on the road. There is a reservation here – we are not talking about the permanent storage of weapons – it is regulated by the law on weapons and is carried out, in most countries, at the place of registration of the owner of the weapon. We are talking about keeping a firearm in a car at a time when you are not at home and are traveling about business. So that the weapon was at hand, and to observe the law, that is, that the weapon was kept in the most reliable way, and not just in the boot in the trunk or in the glove compartment (if it is a gun), but you had quick access to it.

There is a second question – “Why?” Well, for example, you need to get into a place where you can’t do anything with a weapon. In any state institution, very distant from your home, and specifically in the case. And after him – somewhere to go about his business, to the shooting range the same, in a weapon, or where you can be in danger. So, first in one place, then home for the trunk, then about your business? Extra time, and gasoline are expensive now. Therefore, it makes sense to somehow organize the storage of firearms in the car. And here’s how to do it …

In the glove compartment

Well, since we mentioned the glove box … No kidding, they really do. A shotgun certainly cannot be hidden, but a pistol is the very thing. It seems as simple, and you can quickly get this gun.

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