Strange edible mushrooms. Part 1

It is unlikely that he will develop a vigorous activity. Therefore, it is the most survivors to try to avoid such a situation. Fortunately, in nature grub can be found almost always. But it wasn’t even something like a edible, while being very tasty and nutritious. It is about such strange edible mushrooms and they talk today.

Tinder is sulfur-yellow

Slightly reminiscent of foam mounted on a tree trunk. Fruit bodies become visible. Color – light yellow, saturated. The color of the individual fruit bodies. They can be pickled, boiled and fried. In England, for example, this strange edible mushroom They are called “forest chicken” because it is sulfur-yellow.

But there is one thing that is extremely important to know. It is impossible to collect tinder trunks. The fungus has a very strong effect on the body, up to a loss of mind and hallucinations. Because of this, tinder sulfur-yellow is considered conditionally edible.

The umbrella mushroom is motley

This strange edible mushroom gives the impression of something clearly tasteless and poisonous. A hefty motley speckled thing with detachable scales and slightly torn edges. I met such in the woods, I thought that some kind of toadstool. But no, they are from the family of champignons. Occur from July to October, grow in small groups. And then there is a mastoid gib, which really resembles a flat tit with a pronounced nipple. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll definitely not suspect the mushroom as edible.

The caps of these mushrooms are usually fried in breadcrumbs. But they are a bit harsh. You can eat raw. And you can dry, chop and use as seasoning.

Voronochny horn-shaped

Dumb black lamellar garbage, similar to charred chanterelle-mutant. It grows from July to September. Association with food doesn’t cause at all. And in vain, because this strange edible mushroom highly appreciated by European culinary specialists for ease of preparation and taste. It has a pronounced aroma and pulp, which even when cooking remains marked and textured. But in all other respects – coal always black.

Common garlic

Small mushroom, slightly reminiscent of honey agaric or small thin toadstools, which also sharply smells of garlic. It would seem absolutely inedible. But no – edible, tasty and excellent seasoning for other foods. And the garlic aroma only emphasizes the taste. How to distinguish from what is generally impossible? Thin red-brown leg, small size (3-4 cm) Occurs from July to October, you can find almost anywhere.

Only caps are eaten. Mushrooms can be preserved in any case.

Autumn oyster

It was not possible to eat it. They can differ in color. What is surprising, is it possible. This is one of the varieties of the fungus of Panellus, which is also called the mushroom autumn. Frosts do not interfere with it.

It is unlikely that it will be a fungus. The mushroom doesn’t need any preparation. Old and frost-bitten mushrooms are a little less tasty, but still edible.

Strange edible mushrooms. Part 1

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