Street fight

I’m not sure you’re … you listen to music, fashionable such I suppose the phone is cool? And show me! Or maybe we will take it for ourselves? ”At the same time, you don’t have any advanced combat skills or weapons for self-defense. And people, unfortunately, around the ball roll …

So you have to fight. It can be a lot of ways to get out of the scene. Well, or even independently. It is very important to know the strikes. In a word, we remember it!

  • Beat in the nose – It is not a breathing problem?
  • Part of the upper lip. Direct hit on upper lip – dissection! Blood stream! At least – distracted.
  • About the so-called floating ribs, too, is worth recalling. It is not connected to the spine. Beat your knee on the lower ribs – fracture! There may be internal bleeding, but it is usually mild.
  • The most sensitive part of the spine coccyx. Yes, the blow is not fatal. So we need this! But if we plan beat in the groin, the best thing is with your knee.
  • Kicking the patella, By the way, the mobility of the enemy will greatly reduce. Well, as far as possible, as soon as possible.
  • And you can beat on the chin. A blow to the jaw is an effect on the cerebellum! And, consider the person you turned off. Let it be for a while, but still.
  • Thanks blow to the jugular fossa It can be easily overturned by the enemy, even if you are a clavicle converge! However, we must be able to hit.
  • Blow into the solar plexus it will make it a bit harder to breathe. Beat – with a fist or knee.
  • If you have heavy boots, then hit the foot, just top to bottom. Well, the hugs from behind will stop immediately!
  • The drumstick is a skin of no bone. So that beat in the shin whatever you like – it will hurt anyway!
  • If desired hit in the eyes, need to beat saddled for a long time.

It can not be used, but it can not be used. For the same reason, one should defend oneself as much as possible from such strikes. For murder through negligence?

  • So, there is such a point, called heart plexus. Slightly to the left and above the sun. Plexus can stop the heart.
  • Lower back. If you get it – it is a risk to break the spine. If you miss – with the kidneys, everything will be sad too. Going to the tailbone safer, really.
  • It is impossible beat in the temple without a boxing glove.
  • Rabbit punch, especially if the enemy is bent on a knee in his stomach.
  • Blow in adam there is a risk of killing the trachea. Well, yes, you will not have an opponent. But legal freedoms too.

It’s quite possible to get it out of the box! So do not drift – to study, memorize, and put into practice, if that. And then write to the statement. And then, as practice shows, you

Self defense

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