Street hazards, how to warn against street hazards, prevention of street hazards and incidents.

Here we are walking along the boulevard, staring at the windows, smiling at oncoming passers-by, breathing deeply, making plans for tomorrow and we don’t know that street dangers are in store for us. What on the ledge towards our head a random brick slides. 

Street hazards, how to prevent street hazards, prevention of street hazards and incidents.

Alas, there is no salvation on the street for us. And here, around every turn, at every intersection, an insidious death, invisible to the naked eye, awaits us. Whether we pass these things depends only on us. Tip one: do not go near the walls of houses. Thousands of people before you, neglecting this simple rule, forever said goodbye to their lives.

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In summer and autumn, the space around the perimeter of houses is dangerous due to the fall of collapsing façade structures, roofs (pieces of plaster, individual loose bricks, stucco moldings, etc.), seasonal repairs of the roof and walls, falling flower pots and household items from balconies and windows . I know a case when a passerby walking past the dormitory was crippled with a ten-kilogram piece of frozen meat lost by the mistress who got it (she instead of the refrigerator kept food in a string bag hanging out the window).

At any time of the year, people are threatened by street visual agitation and advertising, installed on the roofs and hung on the walls of houses. Agree, it’s a shame to die under the fallen from the slogan of a Long and happy life to you, fellow citizens! and an exclamation mark falling on your head. Any advertising structure that rickety in the wind or abandoned by the owners should be interpreted as a source of increased danger and require the authorities to repair or dismantle it.

If, when walking along the sidewalk, you hear a warning scream or a suspicious sound coming from above, immediately jump as far as possible from the house. If you are close to him, close to the wall, where balconies, cornices and other random ledges on the wall can protect you from falling objects. The head must be covered with your hands, and even better with a briefcase, or a shopping bag. Trying to hear a warning scream, see that a big and, unfortunately, a common mistake falls on you there. Do not watch it. Escape! After the danger has passed, wait forty seconds near the wall, and only then, if nothing else has happened, look around.

In all cases, care must be taken to prevent children from playing near the walls. Improvised linen dryers, etc. were not arranged. street household appliances. Three, four-meter zone along the houses should be forbidden, like a control and track strip of the state border. Wall street spaces are especially dangerous during strong winds, rapid warming and cooling, and during holidays, when residents walk.

I want to remind you of a romantic story about a man whom a gypsy guessed that he would die from vodka. In order not to be poisoned by some kind of alcoholic fake and not die of delirium tremens, the poor man stopped drinking. Just in case, even beer. And he thought that he had deceived fate. That death from vodka is now past him. But he was mistaken. Because he died of vodka. Rather, from a bottle of vodka. Thrown out of the window of the fifth floor and hit him in the head. It’s me that you should not blame everything on fate, rock and other mysticism when you are nailed by a jar of jam, accidentally missed by the mistress from the balcony of the fifth floor.

Fate has nothing to do with it! Sloppiness at what! From which, in most accidents that took place near our house, we ourselves suffer. Hanging heavy flower pots over fragile mounts from the balcony or not noticing an icicle stretching from the roof downwards, we commit an attempt on our own life, but as a passerby. If everyone thought about the consequences of their actions, then 90% of the tragic incidents associated with the fall of heavy objects would simply not happen. You just have to be a little more attentive and responsible in order not to turn into a killer, letting a pressure cooker cool down on a window sill with a soup in the open window, and not to be a victim, falling under the same pressure cooker, but already a stranger.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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