Street theft, protection and prevention, public places are most loved by thieves and pickpockets.

Public places are most loved by thieves and pickpockets. Where more people are crowded. Markets, fairs, bazaars, large shops, train stations and others. And there, too, not anywhere, but in places of the greatest concentration of people. It is desirable where they are so close to each other that they touch and collide with bodies.. 

Street theft, protection and prevention, public places most loved by thieves and pickpockets.

It’s easy to get close to your favorite wallet. And easy to pull it out. Since dozens of shocks received from all sides weaken the sensitivity of the victim. Catching a pickpocket is very difficult. Since the “virtuoso”, carrying other people’s wallets, usually helps a few other henchmen, covering and protecting him. But most of all we help. We are even more than his henchmen, because we provoke, I would even say, indulging criminals by not caring about their wallet. Some simple tips.

or crush. That is, they wrinkle you from all sides, so that you lose your sensitivity to touch. As a result, in the mass of other pokes, you do not notice the main, fatal for your wallet. In this regard, once in a flea market, take less care of yourself more about money in your pocket! For the same purpose of weaning your money, thieves can play more complex, multi-way combinations. For example, various, distracting performances. From fortune-telling and asking to show “where is the stop here” to street brawls and heartfelt seizures near your bag. Or a classic translation of another “blind” Panikovsky across the street.

All the scenarios used by criminals can not be brought here. Therefore, use a universal formula. If you are embroiled in any kind of fuss, if you are being pushed, keep your wallet tighter and quickly go somewhere far away. If you notice someone else’s hand in your bag, do not scream. Show that you saw everything and understood everything. Most likely the thief will leave your wallet and quietly disappear. Because the “weaning” of your wallet with the use of force is qualified according to another, more “heavy” article.

Of course, it is tempting to catch a thief in the act. But it’s unlikely that they will let you do it. As I said, a professional pickpocket alone does not work. And if you try to do something, they will just “make a noise”. And, even if you manage to detain the thief, you will not find your wallet with him: Thieves do not carry other people’s wallets with them. Because it is a material evidence. They immediately throw it away or pass it on to their henchmen, and they, in turn, “third parties” to merchants of the same market, “passers-by”, etc. That is why pickpocketing is considered one of the most difficult crimes to solve.

If you really want justice, remember the signs of the thief and make the police look for him. Or search for yourself. Experience shows that thieves “serve” the same territories (competitors simply will not let them in) and sooner or later your “acquaintance” will flash on your market again. Try to trace to whom he passes his prey. And then call the police and promise that if they do not come, you … In short, find a council on them. But in any case, if you were robbed, do not be very upset. Because they could rob. That is, to do the same, but also crippling you. So consider it easy to get off.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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