Stress tests for civilians: Appointment, possible problems, ideas

“Shooting people”
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In fact, stress training for civilians It’s a stressful situation. It is not a panic.

It’s not a matter of how much a person doesn’t need to travel.
It will be a civilian who will be a civilian. It’s not just heroically to eliminate the threat.

So what are we for stress training? This can be a situation where there can be a stressful situation. Therefore, “right now e * anet”. You will be able to come. That is, there is a problem – we will solve it, no problem – we’re not steaming. Anyway, you won’t guess when this problem will arise.

It would be a little bit more than that. You’re not sure about that. If you’re not a lot of people, you’ll have to go for a little bit. .

Again, a lot depends on the theoretical part. stress training. There are a lot of factors. Here we are rest on the quality of education.

It will be a little bit worse. It is clear that you need to understand it.

There is also such an aspect. It is a rule of thumb for a person.

Therefore, it is impossible to talk about it. It is a fact that . It is a fact that he is a man of his own. to save a loved one next to him.

In all other cases, it’s avoiding it. This is a person who is to run. Go away, get out of the affected area. As possible without attracting attention. It is a fighter. Calculation stress training for civilians.

But once a quarter. It will not.

Yes, naturally, it is better to give stress load pack up a handful. How would it be done, in fact. The psyche during stress tests for military, both in stages and in timing of each stage. It is an increase in the situation. In this case, it is possible to avoid any problems.

Similarly, when making civil stress tests, It’s a stressful situation. It is not only possible to choose from the top ten possible options. There was no other option. And if a civilian in the course stress test This is not the case. But this, alas, forms and conducts these tests.

Briefly and specifically:

  • Stress programs for the military are one thing.
  • for law enforcement officers
  • for employees of special services (staff staff means), this is the third,
  • for negotiators – this is the fourth,
  • for emergency workers, this is the fifth
  • for civilians – this is the sixth.

This is what it is. The devil is in the details. For all tests, it is the stress control, then the internal content is very different. Both are small for everyone.

And yes, there will be subsections here. That is, for the same law enforcement officers, stress programs and the specifics will be their:

  • For operational staff
  • For special forces response units
  • For riot units
  • For DPS / PPS staff …

There is no need for any specific specifics. No one take it.

For civilians, this specificity will be expressed elsewhere:

  • Individual attack (you alone or with family)
  • Group panic
  • PE in a place of mass gathering of people. Terrorist attack / shooting / man-made disasters
  • State of emergency on transport (personal or public)
  • Social disasters. Riots / Revolutions / Civil War

The situation is huge.

I (ornate, but it will do):

  1. People who are not interested in stress, but related signs. Black belt, not skills. Or behind camouflage and bright stripes. They are not ready to be stressed, they are not ready to be stressed. It is a good idea to make money and more.
  2. People who want to be ready for it (like me). We need a very strong dose of vaccine. It is necessary to maintain a portion of it. If you give it a lot of freedom, you can’t get it. It is a blessing. For injuries during the handwriting, stretching, etc. Do not pass it.
  3. People who face stress in life (any strongman). If you’re not so strong, you’re There are many patterns of exit from stressful situations. It is 40 km? thirty-degree heat with 50 kilograms behind? They need to go through. Creepy stress tests. Well, the body’s resource here is consumed at a rapid pace.
  4. People who just can not do without stress.

This is completely different than orders. What is the result of the training? And with purely physical or mechanical skills, everything is quite simple:

  • I want to be strong.
  • I want to look cool.
  • I want to be able to protect myself.
  • I want to shoot a gun / pistol.

That is, there is some certainty in the needs. A person can formulate what he wants, because he understands what is at stake. 100 kilograms, 100 push-ups, 100 shots in the top ten. This has material confirmation.

And here lies one global ambush of any stress tests. For those who pass them.

The result of training the psyche, it is not material. It can not be felt. This is a person who has passed the training.

It is a fact that he is recalling the nature of the person. out a hero. It is easier to clear his way out. That is, in fact, civilian stress training This is where you go. And it tightly contradicts the person who came to the classes.

It is not a rule. And people do not like it. This is what you need. The instructor has It is a fact that they’re going to hell. This is the primary and most important skill. And everything else, it is secondary. In the first place – the easiest way. It is already fulfilled by 146%.

Theoretically, any civilian coming to stress training, need to be tested accordingly. Cadets in relevant subgroups. It depends on the volume, the base and the number of cadets.

Only this is not done. It’s possible that you’ve got it. It has been noted that the instructor has received his or her … the same streaming program, with all the ensuing consequences.

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