Stress training for civilians. Part 1: The Truth About Killing

The title I mean spizdil from the most famous film of the Air Force. Painfully, it fits.

What is the point? I’m not so long ago:

I have absolutely no idea

It was absolutely standard. It can be a question. It will be about ordinary people.

But the military can not be said. It is a bit simpler. A man has a very simple motivation and rationale for his actions. He is a military man, he is out of order. It is a little bit more than a desire. Health careers and civilians.

In any case, we’ve recently served a little bit. With the “veterans” everything is somewhat different today.

So, for a civilian “causing death“(Wording from Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is in 99% of cases of a random act.

Moreover, it’s not the case. It is due to the fact that the civilian is not. Seeing this case (for example, death or death),

It’s not a problem. Moreover, this action is carefully condemned (where do you think so much hoplofobov and opponents of weapons?). It is determined that he is determined. And, curiously, person, for example, a knife or a pistol, survive this event (happen it in his life) is much easier.

For the reason that he is ready human death, purely mechanical. The calculation is done for the same rifle, or knife, or melee training.

A set of actions is developed, “on instincts.” That is, the mechanical one. And for a civilian, the main mechanic is “work + leaving a place”. It is completely consistent with the law on self-defense. The consequences of this. That is, the external manifestations of death.

It is a person dies rather rarely. Anyway, but there are certain manifestations:

  • convulsions
  • shout
  • internal organs / blood for all to see.

Strangely enough, but many people emphasize things like sound. So, for example, the sound of an occipital bone, flown into it, remembered especially strongly. Or the crunch of a broken neck.

Generally note how a survivor killing stress (ordinary, normal person), focused on the details of what happened. In the state of experiencing a person remembers everything.

He tries to forget them. It is exactly what the person saw in the process. committing murder.

For the military, this rule also applies. That is, it will be minimal, because it is completely associated with the image and concept. the enemy. The enemy who wanted to kill you. Leave it a little bit. you of the “young” soldiers, “So difficult to break, but real).

So the thing is that a civilian enemy image usually absent. That is, there is no definite scheme. enemy image. This is the way of preparing bodyguards, because it can be an attacker. Well, okay, we will not be distracted. The image of the civilian and unspecific. It is not clear that there is a way for a person to live.

I never wondered why in the wonderful movie “Heat“(“Heat“With Al Pacino and DeNiro”)) there are direct confrontation,

It’s time to realize that exactly this enemy. This is a very big loss of time. Which often lead to fatal consequences.

Hen self defense situation is a traumatic situation. A huge amount of external information accurately identify the enemy. It can be stress, neurosis, psychosis. What has come to him.

Yes, of course, it’s not about all. I’m not sure, I’m not ready to go. “Yes, there will be those.

But remember, this is about ordinary people. It has been a lot of experience. That is, it is not about “urban paranoiac“Who walks and waits for the attack.

Moreover, it’s not even stressful from the deed. For the country of ready-made people. And we ourselves are mostly normal and normal. If you are experiencing any agony

I will tell you this person. You can’t think that you’re in answer to a simple question, read a whole lecture.

The answer was simple:

I – Here are two situations for you. Push or hit a person. He falls and beats his head on the step. And dies. You come home without knowing it. Then you will get a man. This is one situation. Will you worry?
H – That’s what I said. I will not know how I will lead myself.
I – O’key, here’s a second situation for you. You are beaten and going to fuck. You still the crunch …
H – Heh … Well, yes … Exactly … * smiles *
I – Here, even with the survey. You will know for sure that you are most likely killed. For women, he loves.
H – Yes … * smile does not pass and becomes carnivorous *
I – What is the difference between these situations?
H – In terms of? * face becomes puzzled *
I – In direct. What is the difference in the situation? Why not worry?
H – Well …
I – But there is no difference. If you are killed or crippled, it will be brief for your loved one. It will hurt him. How your life is … Not. No. Difference.

The man thought hard.

P.S. Confused it turned out. But I think the topic partially opened.


Stress training for civilians. Part 1: &# 171; The truth about the murder&# 187;

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