Stress training for civilians. Part 10: Victimization

Theme victimization For physical purposes. So just touch the cycle.

But self defense – it is a fact.

What is victimization?

I do not like the common definition: “Victimization – propensity to become a victim of crime. “

The point is not the victim. It doesn’t have any provokes. It is a disagusting to me.

The man who shifts the blame to assault on victim, it must be a bit … No options.

But for one person are attacking more likely to another less.

We can also recall the following staircase, “snatch” differently? The ass. “

He says that he is periodically beaten and robbed. At the same time, these people may not differ in articles. It is a question. But how to explain such a situation?

So what is victimization?

It is a combination of physical signs of weakness and inability. to resist.

In fact, it sounds like. The fact is that, in addition to our communication channels, such as conversation or writing, there is non-verbal communication.

It was something that was perceived by the subconsciously accepted people.

This is a combination of how we move around.

In most cases, it is a person who is self-confident, he is satisfied. In this case, it is not possible to smile. But you can say quite confidently. Moreover, he thought.

Of course, the specialist is not a specialist in nonverbalism and psychology. It would be nice, but not necessary. But it is a fact that victimization – it is a fact. Must be able to learn. In order to be eradicated.

The fact is that victim behavior very tightly connected with “self confidence“.

It is not a problem. Especially when you can not control it. It is a person who is confident in himself. Moreover, it’s not a problem. Although in reality, everything can be quite the opposite.

In a relationship criminal element (especially street crime) predator prey. The order is a result of the hunt. The animal world, Similarly, those who choose in space.

We will definitely speak on this topic. But for self-defense instructor This is a very important and important skill. Find out how to learn from him.

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Self defense

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