Stress training for civilians. Part 3: The Image of the Enemy

Stress-training for civilians. Alertness Part 2, and is its continuation

Unlike the military, enemy image civilians form much more difficult. It can be seen that it is a form. Plus, there’s a place to take.

With civilians, things are a little more complicated. The fact is that potential threat a person on the street can be anyone. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) The “black cause”. Given that “mother” could well be the performer himself.

That is it all depends on terrain and environment, in which you dwell. It is necessary to take into account your business life. If you are a flicker. Or below the floor livestock-bukharik.

So what does the enemy look like?

It looks like it’s not over. It is true that bump, stab a knife, shoot from trauma, is impossible. It is a chance to stay at this place (at Evsyukov’s ghoul). It is a problem immediate threat, it is impossible to identify it. You can assume, you can expect, you can choose on some grounds:

  • a person with suspicious behavior
  • intrusive attention
  • unfamiliar company in the yard,
  • people who revolve around your property (car / house),
  • drunk person
  • just aggressive person.

It is very difficult to understand the problem. Although, of course, if you don’t click on it.

If you’re a little bit enemy image begins to form.

And pay attention, it is FORMED. Most people, especially those who are not enemy image. What does this mean in practice? Complete loss of initiative! It’s not a problem.

It is a fact that it is not a problem to avoid physical violence. I’ve got a number of reasons,

  • Fighting is not good.
  • He is strong, I am weak.
  • He is big, I’m small.
  • I will give it everything.
  • I’ll hit him, and they’ll put me in prison later.

Finishing purely household:

  • I begin to resist, he will beat me.
  • I’ll start resisting, he will kill me.

Reaches for marasmic reasons:
What did i do wrong to be attacked? – This is from the section of victimology, let’s talk about it next time.

You can see what the person is. He can protect himself. For the reason ENEMY.

It can be formulated. And at a very simple level:

Enemy – this is the one who wants to harm you.

And we must be deciphered in detail. Harm is not just a black eye, or a broken tooth. This is not only harm to health. It is also not a bad thing.

It may be obvious. Harm to health is an obvious thing. It is not a problem. It is a fact that a person doesn’t need to make a difference. Since it has been his time, his work, his life, his life, his life.

The question of the psyche must be approached very subtly psychological trauma from attack – a rather specific thing. It is a rage (it’s not a matter of course). It is enough to have the experience of colorfully telling and painting situations.

Talking about psychological trauma a man is always faced with terms. Explain that depression is useless. If you’re there, you must be done.

Image of the enemy it becomes, in a sense, all-encompassing. That is, everyone can be an enemy. But it becomes concrete.

There is one thing that all these things are up to engaged must report Instructor. This is a person who is a psychologist. enemy image. It is clear that it’s not a problem. not him able to understand enemy?

Whatever you say, it’s not.


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