Stress training for civilians. Part 4: Self-defense or OBZH?

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One of the very important aspects self defense training – this, oddly enough life safety fundamentals (Basics of life safety). Yes, yes, that was in school. No, of course, it’s not life. street conflict, You will need to use it for a while (however, it is a moot point). And starting with elementary things. For example, look around. Carry a flashlight. Carefully enter the dark room. Bypass noisy companies. Even a basic knowledge of emergency phone can sometimes save a life.

It is very closely related to the development of personal care. That is, the ability to see how potential threats, It will help you. He will always have time.

In principle, the relationship to conflict A normal instructor is very close to reconnaissance-sabotage group. That is, if a group is found combat mission most likely already failed.

Similarly, in your life, you’re plunged into a conflict, then you’re unable to “combat mission”. Could not calmly pass the route. And now your task is tocombat mission“That is, to preserve life and health.

Of course, it’s not true that you’ve seen it. when there is a flash of light. Both options are not viable.

Understanding and the most complete perception of the world – first of all the key to own security.

The person sees himself consciously and consciously perceives (this is important) the calmer he feels. And it is about the REALIZED perception. Only in this case. It can be seen as a matter of fact.

How is the training and development of these qualities?

Well, let’s not be so good. And no games like “quivering” will help here. Con, it is necessary to go out. It should be as close as possible to the real situation. And, oddly enough, it’s not worth it. Why? Yes because military man It’s not worth it.

Have civilian person It is not a positive (otherwise, it will not come to you) self defense), and he thinks about God only. Therefore, he will look. Sees it. By the way, such trainings tend to be quite large. by stress for people who just wondered how they used to simply lose sight of.

And, of course, we must not forget about such a thing as “sensory overload“He’s not able to understand it.”

What would be clear, a little analyze the concept of “perception”

What is a person sees not necessarily understood by him.

It is a striking example.

For example, if you ask him: “If you’ve seen it?” Similar image. Moreover, it’s possible to make a difference. In this case, the interviewee is in the same business center.

It is analyzed and systematized. Moreover, it is not only a sensible selection of information, but also about the unconscious. But it’s not a problem. And it is very important that these workouts alternate with training on the technique and physical development, Since this transition is a person who can switch between tasks and avoid information overload.

As a definite result, we can say that the theories on the topic “how to behave” in self defense training completely insufficient. The personal experience. Which, for a minute, the student does not possess.


Stress training for civilians. Part 4: Self-defense or OBZH?

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