Stress training for civilians. Part 5: Physical fitness

The theme is wonderful and wonderful. How many copies are broken. physical training those who came to do self defense. This, of course, is about those of you, even a ballet studio in childhood. It is the most conspicuous person in the world. People who want to keep fit in these places.

But in the school curriculum (university, army, in the distant past) physical education In the nearby forests. That is the most ordinary, normal people, which the majority. This is a separate topic.

Each instructor makes a bet on PHYSE, based on their own worldview and the technique that he teaches. Of course, you can render effective resistance, it is still pretty stable.

It is enough to remember what turned into Kadochnikov’s system, it will be clear that it is:
– Take our courses, and you all win!

Here we must make a small digression. It is a scandal. Do not believe in them. Well, okay, this is my personal fad.

So, back to physical training

It is necessary to understand physical training NO RESISTANCE can not provide.

If it is not a problem. .

It is impossible to understand the gym. Because a person doesn’t come for this.

  • You can refuse a person with arguments “lack of fitness“.
  • You can organize individual classes / groups by PHYSE (if qualification allows).
  • You can completely shift the responsibility for physical training The interpretive hall, or the “self-study”.

It becomes a rule of thumb. protect yourself. But how well he understands why there are both options, there are both pluses and minuses for each.

As for the level of training to perform QFD, it is again determined by each instructor independently. It is a action complex, recommendations on the learner …

So, I digress. So, it is enough to perform a one-time KSU.

I will remind you KSUStrength Training Complex, consists of:

  • 10 pushups
  • 10 times a press (“book”)
  • 10 squats
  • 10 jumps from the “crouching”
  • 10 transitions from the “crouching stop” to the “recumbent stop”.

Moreover, these exercises should not be given more than one minute.

What is the advantage of this complex KSU?

It allows you to test your performance. endurance degree engaged in. In fact, there is no need for people to perform them.

Yes, if not immediately. But if the instructor doesn’t explain physical training, it is not an instructor, but an enemy. It can be used for those involved.

In general, it is necessary to understand that insufficient physical training temporary one. And in the format of employment weak physical training is a limiter for new knowledge and skills protect yourself. It is a strong motivation to continue. physical development to improve their state of mind.

I didnt say that good instructor Should be a good motivator and a manipulator? Not. Well, now said.


Self defense

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