Stress training for civilians. Part 6: Self-defense with a knife

“I dont believe anyone,
Around one lie.
I have one friend
His name is KNIFE … ”
(c) Capital City

Problem self defense with a knife consists in one (and the main thing): not a weapon of defense. This is a weapon of attack.

This is confirmed by all who train. work with a knife or teaches this. And even if they’re not looking at this, look at any demonstration, any performance or training. Actions speak for themselves much better than words.

The knife shows its maximum effectiveness in the attack. For any attacking actions knife gives better results than defense. What is meant by the results:

  • accuracy of hitting the target,
  • penetration depth
  • cutting depth

Understandably, we are talking handle a knife, opposing the same opponent. It is not possible to make it clear. be attacking.

Whole defensive knife potential It appears only in two cases:

  • simply knife in the hand, For example, it’s been to the enemy.
  • in a situation when you have to use a knife suddenly, when grabbing, fixing or exiting the orchestra.

In all other cases, the longer you pull using a knife If you’re looking for a knife,

Sad but normal explanation cutter trainers: “If you are going to fight with knives, get ready to be cut,” self defense.

What is why? He said that he would be able to follow the continuation of the attack.

It is a shooter where you can resist.

“In short, they would have cut it.” everyone and leave proud and alive. It’s not so good.

The fact is that, firstly, knife very much changes the mechanics and kinematics combat. If necessary, you can do it. .

Secondly, if normal blow clothes interfere as far as the knife very much in the way. At least by the fact that clothes are separated from the body, and also moves away from the human body. It is your choice. In the same way, it’s possible that you’re right here.

About cuts I don’t speak at all. It is a good-quality jacket … Well, tear the jacket. The result is not very, is not it? In addition, a person would get through. how to cut, how to cut self defense almost no one teaches, but, in principle, in SNB few say.

Another good thing to remember is that knife very picky about physical form and owner’s technique. This is a person who should not be able to move around the hall. MOVE YOU NEED TO BE ABLE! Well, of course the technique. It can be seen that it can be a boxer. The truth of both statements is about the same.

Especially as a person to cook to work with a knife, in the absence of that hand-to-hand training (at least clearly set engine), from my point of view, meaningless.

It will be clear that there will be a loss. It is then that it is very likely self defense hysteria next to the corpse attacker. The situation will never be in the opposite situation.

By the way, another interesting moment is connected with this. The fact is that the knife is a weapon of attack, therefore, he will be able to overpower himself and beat him first. It is clear that there is a person to live. Can not be changed. Otherwise, it’s possible that we’re

Well, there is such an aspect as “self defense law“That any knife application It will not be necessary to interpret it unequivocally). No, this is not the point. to use a knife, if anything. I can say that “you’ll understand what you’re doing,” beat off with a knife, If you find it.

But the same a knife whatever one may say non-lethal damage much harder to apply than the same kubotan.

Based on the above, I personally believe that knife as self defense weapon suitable only for those who:

  • (it’s engaged, and not stupidly goes to the gym),
  • engaged by a good clever instructor (as a result, he knows both, and not just “poke here”),
  • perfectly understands that knife – this murder weapon in a street fight.
  • get a knife only as a last resort.

And frankly, none of those who passed the training self defense course (ANY !!!), not burdened with additional practicing with a knife, and hand-to-hand training, does not meet these qualities.

Do not read it yourself.

Wolf ops

Stress training for civilians. Part 6: Self-defense with a knife &# 8212; Yes or no?

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