Stress training for civilians. Part 7: Self-defense – what to teach?

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What eben that not eben.
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Self-defense – what do you learn?

The question is, by the way, is very ambiguous. The fact is that with self defense The situation now resembles hand-to-hand training in the 90s (it was, it was). The bottom line is that instructor emphasis was placed on the aspects of preparation. If the base was boxing, then the fighters were taught to strike. if a Instructor – A wrestler, then a parter and grabs. Karate? Wellcome thati kata and renraku.

So in self defense now the same story. Well, of course, you can tell us about the cactus of the Pink Cactus clan.

However, and without charlatans abundance instructors with questionable qualifications efficient systems such as the Krav-Magi nonsense.

For a moment, there was a chance to comment on the girl’s body. are unnecessary. In the end, people believe and get a dangerous delusion.

The fact is that self defense – This is not a particular style. That the failed victim its own power. And even if you have been able to go to a safe distance.

In general, the whole point self defense It is not possible to make it. at least for half a minute)

For example, Krav mage), there is no meaning.

Must understand that civilian (Let me remind you, even though you’ve gotten a bitten bogged down) stressful situation, You can’t be dragged out before you lose yourself. He perceived what he managed to memorize.

How many people can remember an ordinary person? One thing? Two? Maximum – three. Particularly gifted – five pieces. But in reality, three, as well as one, or two. It should not be disturbed. This is always a kick in the groin (this is always good). Anything to make it work. It’s possible to assess the situation. So, in order to choose bodily injuries, it’s necessary. And so small that actions, which man would undertake intuitive and effective (in principle, ours is ours) Krav maga to this seeks).

It is out of the box for some handwriting, such as kubotana or shock keychain. It would be a lot more than one kilograms. beat specially designed for this the subject. Similarly, it is a means of self-defense. It is not necessary to use it. Especially if lamp also shock.

I’m not one of them. A person goes to a competitive level. The weight of height is the same as yours. Even the level of experience is usually the same. The street doesn’t make such gifts, alas.

Therefore, learning to fight is not necessary. Need to teach a person fight back and run. And to repulse as quickly as possible (for the layperson, significantly softens).

On the other hand preparation, if possible, you need to do specific for each engaged. Yes, it is difficult, it is hard. But it is necessary, because of the girl’s life of 50 kg, it is necessary. and ridiculous. And that is why the requirements in self defense training to instructors very high. It is a pity that understands this.

P.S. If I’m not Krav mage, You’re stupid. Re-read the text again. I’m to Krav mage I am very good, but not ours (the Russian spill), it is not really, thank God, but most. And I feel good about my native Israel.

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Self defense

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