Stress training for civilians. Part 8 – Distance

You need to teach self defense – hold on control distance. Moreover, it is necessary to teach so that it is ingrained in the subcortex. You must be able to find out where to go. “distanceIt should be noted.

Well, everything is clear here, it’s obvious. What’s the catch? It is a very tighly tied to psychology, and the technique (more on that below). Hen distance, is practically powerless in real life.

Here is the exact balance between safe distance it is taught (that is, technology).

We introduce a little clarity:

  • Safe distance – You can’t reach this distance. The minimum safe distance is Maximum – There is a road between the city and the continent.
  • Dangerous distance – This is the distance. If we are talking about firearm, This is not the case.

But it is necessary to make a small remark.

In format self defense opposition to an adversary armed with any firearm, almost unreal.

But there are no options with a firearm. More precisely, they are prohibitive.

So, the main requirement for the student – is the ability to keep distance.

It is not important. Although it is a maneuvering (compulsory formulation of the engine), it is not necessary to use it. In this case, you will not be able to escape.

This is the moment – distance control – worked out.

It is necessary to interrupt the exercise.

The distance is a dramatic effect on technique. It is impossible to follow the rules of the aggressor. You are regularly confused:

  • work by the knees (at short distances they start to be confused with footwork).
  • footwork (exactly confused with knees)
  • working with elbows, which is very impractical.
  • The same gas cylinders.
  • confusion in the presence of fundsshock amplification“(Kubotana, hendshok)

Therefore, you should immediately include work with a distance.

And, mainly, with its retention. Because distance reduction it can be produced by the student himself at the speed of time, or by the aggressor himself. And this, too, must pay attention.

And at the end I repeat that the skill to keep distance, Working with it (breaking – cutting). And start learning these things at the same time.

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Stress training for civilians. Part 8: Distance

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