Stress training for civilians. Part 9: Self-Defense

Application of funds self defense I know self defense training a civilian is a necessity. Do you need to be able to use it?

The fact is that with hand-to-hand contact It is a fact that a person has to impact equipment (and it is impossible to deliver a full-fledged strike in the framework of self-defense classes) contact patch.

What is a “contact patch”?

This is the place to hit. The body of the attacker. In fact, this is the maximum effort from defender. But what if this effort is not enough? Or a person can not develop it for certain reasons? It comes to the rescue: kubotans, hendshocks, tactical pens, keys, strike charms, flashlights, etc.

What is their task? While reducing the contact area. At the same time, by the way, there is another interesting point. Have defender limbs (mostly hands). Therefore, he says, “With all the money.” That is, by reducing the risk of injury, we are seeking to strengthen the blow.

And frankly, training in working with the devices self defense.

The keys can be used to enhance the side impact. With a knife, you can perform both a poke and a punch. It is a good idea to have your hands on it. If you have the skill, you can always make it.

This is a question of the first order of choice. can’t learn how to wear correctly get and apply It’s not possible to make it. Without this, learning the technique of ownership is meaningless.

Separately worth mentioning means of remote destruction

Actually, it’s about gas cartridges, how about the only available self defense for the population. It does not require permission, does not require informing the authorities about the application. If you use jet cylinders, you can use it. It’s a natural way to keep a distance from the attacker. (And then the statements of some, such as “stand up and water,”). Similarly, to teach and carry. And if necessary, help pick the right balloon. engaged.

Similarly, in duty instructor The super-abilities of one or another means of self-defense.

Why, for example, I never advise anyone stun guns.

From my point of view, stun gun – ineffective self defense weapon, laws and regulations.

We must talk about self-defense

With those person. For example, it is a mobile phone (for example, it can be a tool for a lot of people). It was a lot of time.

It is very important to remember that self defense – this evil. It is easy to find out how to use it. And it’s still better, everyone needs. means of self-defense needed as a real help in protecting yourself.

Wolf ops

Self defense

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