Stress training: the missing element of fire training

It is a very pleasant pastime. Unfortunately, when it comes to self defense for paper sticking stress in fact, when you take up arms, to really protect myself.

During the training, you can see the situation. self defense, in which you make a decision remove the weapon. This means to go beyond the actual shooting; I am not going to talk about shooting, it wasn’t time spent on for example, returning holstered weapon, calling the police while holding weapon pointed at the target and oh stress management a fatal mistake.

Self-defense with weapons, but without firing

It’s not a very exciting idea. In fact, most of the events that compel you remove the weapon most likely to be a single shot. Unfortunately, it’s not often you’ve been trained for such scenarios.

Although it may sound like a common thing, but in stressful situation a lot can go wrong. This is a hormonal way.

But it is necessary to replicate the following exercises in training.

Snatching weapons in motion

If you frequent are shooting, mean you retrieved their weapons at the shooting range countless times. But how many times have you snatched him while moving? In a situation self defense We’re considering the target.

You need to work out:

  • snatching weapons in motion;
  • snatching weapons, backing back;
  • snatching weapons inside the car.

Snatching weapons from various positions

Robert Richardson – approx. Transl.

He told her how to keep him.

According to statistics, it is true for courses self defense with firearm.

During the training snatch a weapon from various positions, including snatching from a prone position and shooting from the ground.

  • Have you practiced take out the weapon, sitting in the car?
  • Have you tried and trained you to reach out and unfasten the belt, holding the weapon aimed at the attacker?
  • But rarely prepare for such events.

Return the weapon to the holster

Sounds wonderful, especially returning the weapon to the holster as a separate workout is often overlooked. In the end, this translates into errors that stressful situation may prove disastrous.

Too many people miss training moments immediately after the culmination of the conflict. Whether getting your weapon back in its holster after neutralizing the attacker after the arrival of the police. If you are not ready for this situation.

Once the situation is under control, hormones can do amazing things with your body. There are no limits on this subject.

Training with a guided hand

Do you need to go ahead?

If you’re trying to get the phone’s AT stressful situation If you have not trained. Do not believe me – check.

During the next workout, you often need to search for a fuse. When everything goes wrong, as planned.

Weapon Layouts: Blue Gun Training

Imitator or mock weapon. It allows you to develop muscle memory in a completely safe way. It is a good idea to use such models.

Preparation is the key to survival and prosperity.

Life doesn’t always go as planned self defense Almost never fit into book descriptions. The inclusion of additional stress factors.

Original article – Stress Response Training: In the Firearms Training

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