Stress Tunnel View: Field of View and Collimators

Again, we’ll talk about the joining. At the same time and installation of the collimator.

The concept of gun control lies in a very simple truth:

The weapon follows the gaze.

Not behind the head. If you’re out of the pond, do not. If you look around the space after the shot? Well, as in the films. So, not behind the head. The rate of neck muscles is much faster than the reaction rate. This is the space that was produced by the eyes. Viewing angle becomes insufficient.

True truth? Well, yes, I don’t want to know. It is a hypertrophied work.

It would be a little bit more than that. Shot, and well look around, if there are any accomplices, police, witnesses. Do not have to worry.

It’s not just the subject. Sometimes it is burdened by a headset. It is not a matter of course, but it’s getting in the way.
Therefore, it is important to look at. When it comes to viewing angle, it makes Again – TRUST. And not jerk to turn your head 90 degrees.

I am not saying that I have to say:

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

If you translate exactly:

Slowly, it means smoothly, smoothly, then quickly.

In fact, despite the paradox of sound, it is. Smooth movements, which look slow, are in fact fast and efficient. This is especially true of shooting.

The body is in line with the body of the body. It is a weapon at the desired point. The harder it is altogether. And if this body is also loaded, then it is even more difficult.

Again, if you rotate the head, then we, of course, get rid of tunnel view. But in return, we get a blurred and fuzzy picture of the world around us. The “tunnel” doesn’t depend on the head direction. It depends on the person’s gaze. This is the tunnel that is received.

It’s not a trivial task. Somehow talk about it separately. It is an act of peace and harmony.

Now about collimator. Scout on the scout
The fact is that the body itself collimator close to field of view. Therefore, it is not clear.

Something like this. Messy of course, but as it is. If it is necessary we will disassemble in more detail.

Rifle training

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