Stroke, signs and symptoms of what to do with a stroke, first aid for a stroke.

Stroke is an acute circulatory disturbance of the brain. There are two varieties of it: hemorrhagic caused by rupture of the cerebral artery, and ischemic, in which the artery supplying blood to the brain is clogged by a thrombus, as a result of which part of the brain is deprived of oxygen. 

Stroke, signs and symptoms of what to do with a stroke, first medical aid for a stroke.

A stroke is a real threat to life. After part of the nerve cells die, the human body loses the function for which these cells were responsible. This leads to paralysis, loss of speech and other serious disorders. The larger the necrosis area in the brain, the harder the consequences of a stroke.

. Recorded indicators should be recorded and reported to doctors. Increased pressure in the first hours of a stroke, a reaction of the body due to adaptation of the brain.
If the victim lost consciousness and is on the floor, he can be moved to a more comfortable position. The common belief is that a patient with a stroke cannot be moved a myth!
In no case do you need to drink or feed the victim. It will only worsen his condition..

Other signs of a stroke.

Very severe headache, often accompanied by nausea or vomiting.
Weightless effect dizziness.
Loss of orientation in time and space.
Feeling hot, sweating.

Strokes tend to occur in people who have.

High blood pressure (hypertension).
Cardiac arrhythmia.
Carotid blockage with cholesterol plaques.
Hypercoagulation of blood (tendency to thrombosis).
At smokers.

The first three hours after the onset of signs of a stroke is the time when the development of irreversible changes in the brain can be avoided. With a stroke, the rapid reaction of others and the delivery of the victim to a medical facility are especially important.

Based on the materials of the SAI Ukrainian Medical Center for Road Safety.
Julius Maksimchuk.

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