Stun gun: what is a self-defense or useless souvenir?

Recently, the problem of own security has become increasingly acute in our country. A large group of people of both sexes today reflects on what kind of weapon it is appropriate to have with you for self-defense: a traumatic or gas pistol, a gas spray, a “honed cry for training”, a well-placed “commander’s voice”, knowledge of human psychology, a well-rehearsed kick in groin or, for example, a stun gun. Today you can buy it without any problems. But between the models there is a significant difference. According to the documents, some Chinese models are not stun guns at all, but professional ones that are adopted by law enforcement agencies cannot be acquired by the common citizen, what should be done in this situation?

What is a stun gun?

A stun device is a device for contacting a person with a high-voltage electric discharge, which is based on an electrical impulse generator. Animals, for example, dogs of large breeds, can be frightened even of one type of electrical discharge (a violent arc of lilac or blue color). So the stun gun is able to act on aggressive animals without contact. Rabbits, for example, are afraid of such a discharge even more, but this beast is unlikely to attack you.

In service with the domestic law enforcement agencies there is a special purpose ESHU-200 stun gun. Its power is 20 watts, and the impact force of 30 joules for a short period of time with a length of 3 seconds. This device cannot be purchased without special permission. An analogue for citizens and employees of departmental security is the EShU-100 electric shock machine (the energy of a single impact of which is not more than 9 joules). Developers justify such a big difference by a psychological factor. In their opinion, when confronted with police officers, the offender subconsciously expects more resistance than from an ordinary civilian, which is why military and service weapons are more powerful.

Let’s go further. The average resistance to electric current of the human body is considered to be a resistance equal to 1 kΩ. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the resistance of the human body is a variable quantity, which depends on a large number of various factors (skin condition, its moisture, general body condition, electrical effect parameters, and a number of others). At each person in various periods of time individual deviations of resistance to an electric current are possible. In this case, it is this average deviation equal to 1 kΩ that is taken as the basis for calculating the energy of a single exposure.

That is why all the electric shockers produced today in Russia, both military and service weapons, and those that are in free sale (EShU-100) comply with the “Temporary medical standards for the safety of human impact of electroconvulsive devices”, which are approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia. The basic terms and definitions are given in GOST R 50940-96, it also indicates here that “as an ESD can be used spark gaps with similar functions, as well as stationary ESAs used to protect objects of departmental and civilian purposes”.

What makes the world happy?

As a self-defense weapon, stun guns are not allowed in all countries of the world. For example, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, New Zealand, Lithuania and Estonia refused to use this means of self-defense. In the US, there are also a number of states in which stun guns are banned. And here you can meet and very paradoxical situations (for example, in the state of Michigan ESH are prohibited, and firearms are allowed).

Tips for using the stun gun

Recommendations for the use of stun guns are quite simple: its use must be sudden, and a certain degree of determination is required when using a stun gun. It is important not only to frighten the enemy (such behavior can cause inadequate aggression and forced attack from the enemy), “idle” discharge into the air, but ensure close contact of the stun gun with the person attacking you. It is necessary to consider the following rule. The most susceptible areas of a person’s lesion are the face, neck, groin and chest areas. The use of a stun gun in these places is not recommended.

Psychologically, it is very important: in no case should not underestimate your opponent, you should not threaten the stun gun in the event that this is not absolutely necessary. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other power structures there is an unspoken rule:

Do not get a weapon unnecessarily, but if you got it, use it.

Security measures

Security measures when using a stun gun can be laid in 1 paragraph. Do not use a stun gun near sources of open flame, being in explosive environments (for example, near a gas station) and in water. All other restrictions include restrictions on use. EShU against persons under the age of 16 (in cases where the age is known or evident from external data), against disabled people, pregnant women, of course, except when all of these people are armed or attack you in a group.

Besides stun devices (EShU), there is also stun paralyzers (ESR), in Russia, for example, this is the “Tonus” device. These self-defense tools are much more effective both in their main reaction and in their discharge power. However, the ESR, like a number of powerful stun guns, are simply banned for free sale and are only in service with the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a number of other departments of Russia, for example, the FSO. These devices, in accordance with their purpose, cause people temporary loss of orientation, powerful tonic convulsions, inability to move, violation of the rhythm of breathing.

In conclusion, I would like to reassure all those interested in acquiring these devices. No one who used a stun gun in accordance with these safety rules was hurt. Electric shock does not threaten the owner of this means of self-defense, which means that a good stun gun is one of the most effective ways of self-defense in a modern multi-layered and not at all tolerant society.

On the other hand, justice does not sleep. In the event that with the aid of a stun gun, however, as well as with any other device, you inflict harm on the person attacking you, inadequate to his attack, you will have to respond to the full extent of Russian laws. At present, all foreign-made stun guns are banned in Russia. The fact that they are selling under the guise of an ESD of Chinese origin is positioned on the market as “toys” or “souvenirs”, so expecting some big effect from them is just silly, the maximum that they can cry is a visual fright.

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