Su-24 and Su-24M tactical bombers

In 1973, a new bomber entered service with the Soviet Army. Yak-28 aircraft that was outdated, which also served as an aerial reconnaissance aircraft. Ew (Radiouhelectronic Bwrestling – ed.). Su-24, namely, he had to replace the Yak-28, had to perform the same tasks. The aircraft quickly proved its effectiveness and in 1979. Then, from 1984, these machines were used in the Afghan war.

Su-24 It can not be corrected.

However, the machine also had flaws in the system. Avionics (Borthotic Radiouhelectronic ABOUTequipment), is ineffective and unreliable. However, in the subsequent modification of the aircraft, the Su-24M, this deficiency was eliminated. Su-24M – A second-generation car of the Su-24 family; the following options are included:

  • Air refueling system
  • New sighting and navigation system PNS-24M “Tiger”, which includes:
  • Search Radar (Radioloka withsystem) “Orion-A”
  • Radar following relief terrain “Relief”
  • Sighting system “Kaira-24” with a laser range finder-target designator and a TV unit

Thanks to the “Tiger” aircraft.

Combat use of the Su-24

These aircraft, both of the first and second generation, were actively used in Chechnya. Modifications for intelligence and EW were created. It is a huge amount of intelligence and other information. Electronic scouting Aircraft reconnaissance equipment However, the aircraft is not attacking the R-60 air-to-air guided missiles from armaments.

Subsequently, the Su-24 and the Su-24M aircraft were in service. The largest number was from the Air Force of Ukraine.

TTX bomber su-24

Crew 2 people
Engines Two TRDF AL-21F-ZA by 11210 kgf in the afterburner
Maximum ground speed 1320 km / h
Maximum speed at an altitude of 11000 m Corresponds to the number M = 1.35
Practical ceiling 17000 m
Combat radius with a combat load of 2500 kg 560 km
Combat radius with PTB (Pcurtain Toily Baki) 1250 km
Masses Empty 22,300 kg; normal takeoff 36,000 kg
Dimensions Length: 24.594 m (with LDPE). Height: 6.193 m
  • With a sweep angle? = 16 °: 17,638 m
  • With a sweep angle? = 69 °: 10.366 m
Maximum combat load 8,000 kg
Cannon armament
  • 1 six-barreled 23-mm gun GSH-6-23M
  • Additionally, up to three containers with guns GSH-6-23M on hangers.
  • Bombs TN-1000 and TN-1200;
  • Corrected bombs KAB-500Kr with a television guidance system
Missile weapons
  • Air-to-surface class X-23, X-25ML, X-29L / G and X-59 “Gadfly”
  • Kh-25MP, Kh-31P, Kh-29MP and Kh-58 anti-radar missiles, Kh-31A and Kh-35 PKR
  • Up to eight blocks with PC
  • Air-to-air class R-60

Modifications of the Su-24

  • Su-24M – a front-line bomber with the Tiger complex;
  • Su-24MR – reconnaissance aircraft, developed on the basis of the Su-24M;
  • Su-24MP – aircraft – jammer;
  • Su-24T – air tanker.

Bomber declared high combat effectiveness. You can at least list his bomb weapons, namely:

  • TN-1000 and TN-1200 are nuclear bombs
  • KAB 500Kr – 500 kg caliber bomb with television guidance
  • KAB 1500L – a bomb of caliber 1500 kg with laser guidance

What is this information for? There is no chance. Although you can’t survive, you can survive. But difficult.

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