Sublimated products Mountain House, preparing hot dishes from sublimated products.

Mountain House, an American manufacturer of freeze-dried products, in the list of ready-made dishes offers the consumer: 5 breakfasts, 19 first and second courses, 5 types of vegetables and vegetable dishes and 3 types of desserts. 

Sublimated products Mountain House, preparing hot dishes from sublimated products.

Mountain House uses several types of packaging for its sublimates. Sealed bags with an extended bottom-resistant and zip-zipper for hiking, trips and outdoor activities. Cans (3.78 l.) With a lid-cap and buckets-containers with a lid-corner for personal or family rations of long-term storage. Shelf life differs for different packages and is: for food in bags 7 years from the date of manufacture, for food in jars (3.78 l.) 25 years, for ice cream and organic fruit snacks 2 years, for opened packaging 7 days.

List of prepared dishes produced by Mountain House.


Muesli and cereal with milk and blueberries.
Bacon and eggs.
Scrambled eggs with ham and pepper.
Farm Skill breakfast (hash browns, scrambled eggs, pork sausage, peppers and onions).
Salad with Chicken and Vegetables.

Hot dishes (first and second).

Fajita chicken with tortilla and vegetables.
Braised Beef with Potatoes and Peas.
Lasagna with meat sauce.
Beef Stroganoff with noodles.
Rice with chicken.
Mexican Chicken Rice with Spices and Vegetables.
Spaghetti with meat sauce.
Teriyaki Chicken with Rice.
Chili Pasta with Beef.
Chicken with mushrooms and creamy pasta sauce.
New Orleans Shrimp and Ham Rice.
Chicken Alfredo with spinach and gravy paste in cheese sauce.
Chili Chicken with White Beans.
Chicken noodles.
Pilaf with long grain rice and vegetables.
Sweet and sour pork with rice.
Tetrazzini turkey with pasta sauce, asparagus and spaghetti with aromatic gravy.
Pasta with cheese.
Chicken Breast with Mashed Potatoes.

Vegetable dishes and vegetables.

Potato with Cheese and Broccoli.
Garden green peas.
Green beans (green beans).
Primavera pasta (vegetable platter in cheese and creamy pasta sauce).

Ice cream and desserts.

Neapolitan ice cream (triple, three stripes: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla).
Vanilla Ice Cream with Sandwich Cookies.
Raspberry sauce with raspberries and chocolate chip cookies.

Features of the preparation of sublimated products Mountain House.

To prepare the sublimated Mountain House products, open the bag or the can, remove the bag with the oxygen scavenger, add the amount of boiling water indicated on the package, directly into the bag or pre-lay the sublimate from the can in a plate, mix. After 10 minutes, the dish will be ready. If hot water is not available, then cold water is also possible. But in this case, the cooking time increases several times, depending on the temperature of the water, the colder it is, the slower it will absorb in sublimate.

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