Sublimated products Wise Food Company, sets of sublimated products with long shelf life, emergency stocks of products.

The American company Wise Food Company mainly specializes in large sets of freeze-dried products with long shelf life. The largest set includes 4320 servings of 17 types of dishes and weighs 338 kilograms. 

Wise Food Company freeze-dried products, long-life freeze-dried product kits, emergency food stocks.

The shelf life of the different freeze-dried products of Wise Food Company is different and amounts to: freeze-dried food for trips has a shelf life of up to 7 years, freeze-dried meat up to 15 years, freeze-dried fruits up to 20 years and freeze-dried vegetables up to 25 years.


Then, again, depending on the type of package, the dry mixture is either simply poured with boiling water, mixed and infused for 15 minutes, or heated on low heat for 5 minutes for better rehydration. In both cases, a small bag with an oxygen scavenger must first be removed from the package. In cases where hot water is not available, you can use cold water, but then the cooking time increases several times.

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