Sublimation, sublimated products Trek 8217; n Eat, packaging, shelf life, cooking features.

Sublimation is the transition of a substance from a solid to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid. The product or the finished dish is subjected to instant freezing at a temperature below minus 100 degrees, and then it is practically completely dehydrated by sublimating ice in a vacuum chamber and receiving sublimated products at the output. 

Sublimation, sublimated products Trek’n Eat, packaging, shelf life, cooking features.

Unlike thermal drying, freeze-dried foods retain up to 95% of the nutrients, trace elements and vitamins of the original product, and hence its taste. When water is added to the sublimate, the product is quickly restored and almost in its original form. The sublimation process, as well as the freeze-dried products themselves, were originally developed as part of the space program, but the technology turned out to be so successful that the freeze-dried products soon became available to a wide range of ordinary travelers and hikers..

Sublimated products are lightweight and stored for a long time at any temperature. Well, and that, perhaps, the most important thing is mainly all-natural products that do not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or some kind of dyes.

Sublimated Trek’n Eat Camping Food.

Trek’n Eat is a German brand under which the Swiss Katadyn Group produces lightweight camping food based on freeze-dried products. In the list of prepared dishes, Trek’n Eat offers 3 breakfasts, 10 meat dishes, 3 fish dishes, 9 vegetarian dishes, 4 desserts, 3 fortified energy drinks. Their shelf life is 3 years. In addition, Trek’n Eat manufactures emergency rations in containers and jars with an extended shelf life, and a stock of food designed for meals for a period of one day to three months.

Sublimation, sublimated products Trek 8217; n Eat, packaging, shelf life, cooking features.

Cooking Trek’n Eat Sublimated Food and Dishes.

Sublimated products are cooked quickly, and the cooking process itself is very simple. Pour boiling water into the bag, up to the control line indicated on it, and then mix the contents well until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then close the package with the zip-lock and wait for 8-12 minutes, depending on the recipe. I would like to note that in almost every ready-made Trek’n Eat dish there is a certain lack of seasonings and spices, so it is advisable to take them with you to your taste

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