Submachine gun “Cedar” PP-91

The history of the appearance of this device and its performance characteristics is easier to read on the site of Maxim Popenker – He has written about him simply and without frills.

And if you want to lulz, poke the ganza and other collections of weapon poyents. There certainly will be people who tell that “Kalash is shit”, “APS – this PM on steroids “a”Cedar – slag. “

Some time ago I wrote about a winding design idea in terms of submachine guns in our country, but I don’t already remember when and where. And look for laziness.

Submachine gun “Cedar” PP-91

In fact, for its time “Cedar“Was quite decent and successful machine. He had exactly two problems that plagued our entire weapons technology for many years in a row (the last few years, it seems, have started to let go).

First problem: build quality

At the time (the merry 90s), when “Cedar»I went to the service en masse, the production culture was under the plinth, under which it fell into a state of severe alcohol intoxication. If simpler, the quality was shit. AT armies still the terrible wish goes: “Shobi tobi Kalash from the 90s got”.

The second problem: ammunition

Honestly, would be “Cedar“At least under 9×19 it could be a completely different conversation. But he got PM-ovsky 9×18. And in this lay the whole trouble. This cartridge has no normal piercing ability. Stopping still somehow, but punching something through it is a chore. Therefore, for the army “Cedar“Not useful.

All attempts to work with him were faced with the fact that, in order to guarantee the rest of the enemy, they certainly had to do a check in a pumpkin to knock out the thought and turn off wit. Because a pair of accurate shots to a regular bronik of the 3rd class led only to the fact that the enemy, at best, fell in the direction given by the bullet (where he could meanly pretend to be inanimate and not less vilely shoot at the back) “Choblyazanakhotoylo!” And thrust in response from Kalashnikov, who stamps any regular armor at short distances on time.

Why talking about short distances?

Cedar in general got into the army when it became clear that the standard AK for CQB (Close Quarters Battle – melee, ed.) – not very convenient, and it’s really necessary to be able to work in such conditions, and the AKSU is too blinded by an arrow, and for some reason (why would it?) Often gives a ricochet. Yes, and the second number of Ksenia not dragging around – too heavy. And it was about a regular second room with a mode of operation. bursts and / or continuous fire. Which, if not necessary, can be crammed into a holster.

Ahead of the question: – So was Stechkin!

You yourself from this Stechkin shot? Not for the faint of heart and body gizmo. Plus, given the row store, he had a handle under a rather large paw. Not everyone could just keep him normal. Not to mention the shooting. And not to mention firing bursts. No, of course, you could carry a full-time holster / butt with you and thereby cosplay the commissars from the 20s. But damn … Well, uncomfortable! Yes, and not so much Stechkin were. You can’t betray everyone. It is possible to forget about APB at all, they were made a little, almost almost under the MO order.

The same story was with “Chestnut” and “Cypress”. Here it was ah … telnye things. Comfortable, reliable. Despite the same cartridge, quite decent in power (the barrel length affected), but … Also only for SPN Ministry of Defense. Yes, and in the production they were complicated.

And the fighters needed something as simple as the good old Kalashnikov. But did not grow together. In the army “Cedar“Never caught on. It did not help even further modificationWedge“Under 9×18 PMM

Although in fact, the trunk did not take root in the mass just because we did not teach anyone massively how to work with submachine gun. Just for the sake of diversity, I remind you that the last BCPs, which were in large quantities in service with us, were from 1941 to 1945 – PCA, PPD and PPP. And after that, the role of regular weapons took AK. BUT submachine guns at the very least, in the 1980s, they appeared in the Soviet army. And that, in service with very special units.

So it happened that “Cedar“(By the way, this is an abbreviation of eslicho -“TOconstruction Evgenii DRAgunova ”) eventually found application only in law enforcement. Where it was more important that the employee finally had a weapon with a magazine with more than 8 cartridges, and with an emphasis on stopping power, in contrast to the same Aksu. Who was disliked in the bodies for the habit, along with the criminal, to shoot two or three more civilians for the company (and what did you want – the cartridge is automatic!). Well, in which case provide at least some fire curtain.

With the latter, however, there was also an overlay. The fact is that “Cedar“Very high rate of fire – 1200 shots per minute. And the shops come to him in two versions, for 20 and 30 rounds. Moreover, it was originally originally a box for 20. Well, you know how fast he spat out all his ammunition.

Ergonomics was another conditional blunder.

Here, however, it is necessary to make a discount on the years in which weapons were produced. Then it pleased that at least something is being produced. And do not care what it looked like. But in terms of ergonomicsCedar“Turned out to be very specific. Very short (which, in fact, required the development, so that you can be hidden to wear), with a very short shoulder rest, to work with which you had to fold into an unimaginable crave.

BUT shoot from the stop Even now, only a few people are able to pull the shoulder strap normally, and only then could they give a tambourine for only one such verbal construction (Cho, the cleverest yes ?!). So it turned out that PP They did it, but they didn’t teach them to use it normally. A shoot “in a pistol”, with one hand, normally can only be single. As soon as the automatic fire – immediately begins the chad in the heat of hell. Given the free slide and its location on the left, with the extreme point above and beyond the pistol grip, led him mercilessly. And in order to keep him with such a rate of fire required remarkable strength. And if you’re so strong, then you’re with APS-you can handle it easily.

So it turned out as logical and compact weapon with a dead patron and unusual ergonomics, which was given to people, but they still did not explain how to shoot from it. Well, again, the quality of those years did not hold water. But bezrybe and cancer fish.

However, there was another version Cedar, more precisely, already Wedge. With silencer and LCC. But it is somehow uncivilized to talk about her, for she was made for very specific goals and the same specific people.

However, globally it did not change anything, ergonomics, it has not gone away.


Photos from Vitaly Kuzmin’s site


Submachine gun “Cedar” PP-91

Caliber: 9×18 mm PM (Cedar); 9x18mmPMM (Wedge) Weight: 1.55 kg without a store Length: 530/305 mm barrel length: 120 mm Shooting rate: 1000 shots per minute (1200 for PP wedge with PMM cartridge) The shops: box-shaped, double row, for 20 or 30 rounds Effective range: 50-100 meters (up to 150 meters for PP Klin with patronomPMM)

Submachine gun Cedar“Was developed in the early 1990s based on the earlier PP-71 Evgeny’s designs Dragunova, created in the 1970s for the Soviet Army. The name “Cedar“And stands for TOconstruction Evgenii Dragunova “Cedar“Was intended to arm the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and Russia. Since 1994, he was replaced by the option “Wedge»PP-9, adapted for more powerful cartridges 9x18mm PMM, and retaining compatibility with the old cartridge 9mm PM. However, due to the rejection of 9x18PMM cartridges (for reasons of safety and in connection with the transition to 9×19 caliber cartridges), only PP-91 remained in service and in service.Cedar“Under the usual cartridge 9×18.

Submachine guns “Cedar“Are widely used in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police of Russia. In addition, based on the PP-91 developed “service carbine” PKSK for arming private security structures (caliber 9×17, self-loading only, store 10 rounds), as well as the “traumatic self-defense weapon” PDT-9T “Esaul” for rubber bullet cartridges. PP “Cedar“And”Wedge“Have almost the same design, with automatic on the basis of a free shutter. To improve the accuracy of fire, the fire is fired from a closed bolt, for which a trigger firing mechanism is introduced into the design. USM allows the maintenance of a single fire and fire in bursts, fuse – the translator is located on the right of the receiver. Butt folding up – forward, metal. It is possible to equip a laser target designator and a silencer for the shot.


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