Submachine gun PP-19 “Bison”

In the early 1990s, the military and security services at various levels began to raise more and more persistently questions about the creation of compact, highly efficient small arms that meet the requirements of short-term fire contacts at close and medium distances in the conditions of settlements, during cleansing, clearing operations hostages and the destruction of terrorists. It became clear that, in the new conditions, AK production automata, although they were excellent weapons, in some cases gave undesirable losses among the civilian population who did not take part in conflicts. This happened for quite objective reasons: the automatic cartridge is still a strong ammunition, and in the conditions of settlements, with a large number of obstacles and obstacles, it gives a significant amount of bounce.

Folding stock borrowed from the AKC 74.

The task was tasked to perform a team of designers Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. The work was led by Viktor Kalashnikov (son of AK inventor – Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov) and Aleksey Dragunov (son of gunsmith Yevgeny Fedorovich Dragunov) – representatives of the new generation of Izhevsk gunsmiths.

So, in 1996, the Ministry of Internal Affairs entered into service 9-mm submachine gun PP-19 “Bison-2” under the pistol cartridge 9? 18 PM. A 7H16 cartridge with increased bullet penetration can also be used.

The design of the submachine gun PP-19 “Bison-2”

Design development was based on unification with a Kalashnikov assault rifle – 60% of parts Bison borrowed from AK. Such details include shortened receiver AK-74 with a pistol grip for fire control and a trigger mechanism, a fire interpreter, and a metal folding butt borrowed from a machine gun AKS-74.

The dovetail bar allows you to mount on the weapon collimator, optical and night sights

But while maintaining many family traits “Bison-2“Has a number of significant differences. Automatic submachine gun works based on the use of recoil with a free gate. Trigger trigger type. To improve the accuracy of shooting single shots fired from a closed gate. The stem of the gate serves only as a guide element for the return spring. Its location above the barrel improves the balance of the weapon.

The trigger mechanism and the translator-fuse are almost the same as automatic. Folding butt borrowed from AKS 74. There is a standard strap for installing collimator, optical and night sights.

Screw shop software “Bison-2”

An important point was the use of high-impact plastic in the design of the store.

The most interesting feature “Bison-2” – a large capacity screw shop with cartridges laid in screw slots. Cartridges in the store PP-19 are placed in a spiral, parallel to its axis, forward by bullets. The cartridges are fed by a spring, cocked of which is carried out separately, due to which it is allowed to store magazines in the state filled with cartridges with a non-cocked spring. To use the store, the spring is cocked using the rotating handle located on the front end of the store.

The location of the magazine under the barrel gives the weapon a center of gravity forward and downward, increasing stability when firing. With this store PP-19 is placed on the weapon under the barrel, does not increase the dimensions of the submachine gun, and performs the function of the forearm to hold the weapon when firing with great convenience for the shooter.

Device screw shop PP-19

1 – the shop body; 2 – spring ring; 3 – separator; 4 – auger; 5 – store spring; 6 – handle; 7 – shop pin; 8 – spring hook; 9 – feeder.

The screw provides the location of cartridges in the store along a helical line and moving them along the body of the magazine when the separator is rotated. Inside the screw there is a through channel in which the magazine spring is placed. On the outer surface of the auger there is a helical rib, forming a “stream” for cartridges, and at the rear end there is an inclined platform that ensures the lifting of cartridges into the neck of the magazine. At the rear end of the auger there are protrusions for attachment to the magazine body and a groove for a spring hook.
The separator is designed to move the cartridges in the store and lift them on the disking line. On the inner surface of the separator there are longitudinal ribs forming ten slots for placing the cartridges. At the rear end of the separator are windows for the release of cartridges. On the back wall of the separator, there are cutouts for interacting with the latch when equipping the store.

Additional features of PP “Bison-2”

Sights, like the AK, consist of adjustable horizontally, for shooting, front sight, protected by a earphone and adjustable rear sight. The slider of the sector sight is cut to 100 m for a cartridge of 9–18 PM and to 150 m for a high-pulse cartridge.

PP-19 work pattern

“Bison-2” distinguished by the convenience of retention and excellent for submachine guns accuracy of fire.

“Bison-2” Sat 03 equipped with an integrated silencer – a camera is put on the barrel into which powder gases are diverted through holes in the walls of the barrel to reduce the initial velocity of the bullet below the speed of sound. Removable tactical silencer can be put in place of the flame arrester for other modifications of the Bison-2.

L-shaped metal butt folded and locked in the upper position above the lid of the box.

As for the modification “Bison-2-03“, It is distinguished by the original solution design butt. Undoubtedly, this is a more ergonomic solution, while the strength characteristics are not inferior to the automaton variant and the fighter, if necessary, can use the butt in the melee.

In 1997, a submachine gun was created. “Bison-2” Sat.07 chambered for 7.62? 25 TT, characterized by greater initial velocity and penetrating effect of the bullet, greater flatness of the trajectory.

In 2001, the Ministry of Internal Affairs adopted “Bison-2-01” chambered for 9? 19. Modification “Bison-2-02” calculated under the cartridge 9? 17 “Kurtz”.
There is an experimental version with a removable adapter for installing box stores. Self-loading modifications for 9–17 ammunition (“service carbine”) were also created,
9? 18 and 9? 19.

Partial disassembly of the PP-19 “Bison-2”

Depending on the type butt, USM, presence or absence integrated silencer and other items “Bison-2” can be made in several modifications:

  • “Bison-1” – with a front sight from a SVD rifle, a sector-based sight with three divisions at 50-100-150 m, a cocking handle on the right and a butt-folding AKS-74U to the left. Pistol grip – standard, from AKS-74U (of brown plastic);
  • “Bison-2” – chambered for 9 × 18 mm PM and 9 × 18 mm PMM (upgraded cartridge with increased penetrability), has a front sight from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, has a sector sight with three divisions at 50-100-150 meters, a right-hand cocking handle AKS-74U. Pistol grip from Kalashnikov “100th series”;
  • “Bison-2B” – with a silencer.
  • “Bison-2-01” – chambered for 9 × 19 mm Parabellum;
  • “Bison-2-02” – chambered 9 × 17 mm;
  • “Bison-2-03” – with integrated silencer chambered for 9 × 18 mm;
  • “Bison-2-04” – self-loading version chambered for 9? 18 mm;
  • “Bison-2-05” – self-loading version chambered for 9? 19 mm;
  • “Bison-2-06” – self-loading version chambered for 9? 17 mm;
  • “Bison-2-07” – chambered for 7.62? 25 mm TT (when using 32-charge box magazines, you need to install a shank on the submachine gun);
  • “Bison-3” – a variant with a front sight from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, with a diopter sight, a folding up butt and the possibility of installing a silencer. Cocking the gate provides a protrusion on the top of the receiver.
  • PP-19-01 “Vityaz” – option PP-19 with a 30-charge sector magazine chambered for 9 × 19 mm, designed in 2004. It is used for arming patrol and inspection services, traffic police, internal security, and units of the Interior Ministry. Installation of the muffler is possible.

“Bison-2” is an effective and convenient melee weapon, especially with 7N31 cartridges (PBP) in caliber 9? 19 and 7H25 (PBM) in caliber 9? 18 PM

High firepower, reliability in harsh operating conditions, high accuracy with instinctive shooting make the PP-19 one of the best submachine guns in its class.

PP-19 “Bison-2” has a small length and height with a large capacity store, convenient folding butt.

Technical and tactical characteristics of modifications PP-19

Model “2” “2-01” “2-02” “2-03” “2-04” “2-05” “2-06” “2-07”
Caliber, mm 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7.62
Cartridge 9×18 9×19 9×17 9×18 9×18 9×19 9×17 7.62×25
Mass of weapons without cartridges, kg 2.8 3.0 2.7 3.2 2.8 3.0 2.7 3.0
Weapon length, mm
With folded butt 460 460 460 570 460 460 460 530
With folded butt 690 690 690 790 690 690 690 665
Initial bullet speed, m / s 340/460 * 380 330 290 340 380 330 530
Fire Modes he he he he about about about he
Rate of fire, rds / min 680 700 680 680 750
Sighting range, m 100/150 * 200 100 100 100 200 100 200
Store capacity, cartridges 64 53 64 64 64 53 64 35

The weapon demonstrates excellent fighting qualities:

  • high probability of hitting and accuracy of fire;
  • compactness and the possibility of hidden wearing in the folds of outerwear;
  • large store capacity;
  • high accuracy in instinctive shooting (from the hip and vskidku from the traveling position);
  • stability when shooting with one and two hands in short bursts;
  • the possibility of firing from the shelter.


During the field and military tests, all products of the PP-19 series showed a high degree of reliability and dependability of operation in the most severe conditions of operation.

Submachine gun PP-19 “Bison-2” has such advantages as a small length and height with a large store capacity, a fairly convenient full folding butt, high firepower, reliability in harsh environments, high accuracy in instinctive shooting, stability when shooting with one or two hands short bursts, ease of retention and good controllability when shooting, as well as the use of silencers and sights for solving special problems. Among the drawbacks are a rather large mass of weapons with a loaded magazine, imbalance as cartridges are used up, and also high gas concentration in the area of ​​the shooter’s face when using a silencer. However, in general, the submachine gun PP-19 “Bison-2” It is an effective and convenient melee weapon, especially in tandem with domestic cartridges such as 7N31 (PBP) in caliber 9–19 and 7H25 (PBM) in caliber 9–18 PM.

Unfortunately, despite all its advantages, the submachine gun “Bison-2” turned out to be out of work. Despite the rather large capacity of the store, the weapon therefore had a significant drawback in the form of a large weight for the PP, so it is not surprising that the submachine gun created on its base PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN It has become more popular, and it is on him that he has recently been betting Read about “Vityaz” soon in our new articles “!



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