Submachine gun PP-93

Submachine gun PP-93 9 × 18 caliber was developed by the design team of the Tula Instrument Engineering Design Bureau (KBP) in 1993, with the participation of V.P. Gryazev and A.G. Shipunova, the authors of many developments of the KBP. PP-93 was created on the basis of not too successful previous development – folding submachine gun PP-90.

Specifications PP-93

  • Caliber: 9x18mm PM
  • Weight: 1.47 kg without a store
  • Length (butt folded / unfolded): 325/577 mm
  • Rate of fire: 600 – 800 shots per minute
  • Magazine capacity: 20 or 30 rounds
  • Effective range: 100 meters

PP-93 was designed as an initiative for special-purpose units. The goal was to create the most compact sample, which could be covertly transported and used in operations where open bearing of weapons is unacceptable. Then its technical requirements for compact submachine gun put forward the Interior Ministry. They included the possibility of mounting a laser target designator and a silencer on the weapon.

The designers took into account the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and created a modified version. PP-93, named ABB. The APB submachine gun turned out to be quite successful, combining such advantages as compactness, high accuracy of shooting, accuracy when firing with a burst, even with one hand and a convenient magazine latch.

However, there are drawbacks – poor fixation of the shoulder rest in combat position, not very successful form of the translator-fuse, which impedes the handling of it, is not easy-to-handle cocking handle.

At the moment, the APB submachine gun is in service with separate units of special purpose OMON, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Main Center for Special Communication”, departmental security, private security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and collectors.


The automatics of the APB submachine gun operates according to the scheme using recoil free shutter. The trigger mechanism permits firing in bursts and single shots, with open shutter. Translator-fuse is located on the left side of the receiver, above the trigger guard.

The type of fire is established by transfer of the lever with an angle of rotation of 180 degrees. In the position of the checkbox “A” shooting bursts, in the “O” position is single fire. The fuse is activated by the middle position of the lever, labeled “P”.

Cocking handle shutter placed under the barrel and made in the form of a slider. For cocking shutter the handle must be compressed from the sides, delayed to the trigger guard and released. During firing, the cocking handle is stationary.

This design provides compact weapons with its small thickness for concealed carrying and quick retrieval, but inconvenient to handle. Drummer placed motionless in mirror shutter. The cartridge cap is retracted while moving the bolt forward, thereby eliminating shutter strike when reeling, which significantly reduced vibration when fired and increased the accuracy of firing in the queue. When gate moves to the rear position, its energy is effectively absorbed by the return spring, which also contributes to smaller vibrations and better accuracy of fire.

The body of the weapon is made by stamping from sheet steel with a thickness of 1 mm, the shoulder rest is stamped from a 1.5-mm steel sheet. The metal shoulder rest folds up. In the unfolded position, the shoulder rest is fixed by a latch located in the rear part of the receiver on the left.

Sights consist of openly located on the top of the receiver and front sight of the rear sight. Attached to the APB submachine gun laser designator LP-93 and muffler G-PP-93, Included. Power submachine gun cartridges, carried out from the box-shaped direct stores with a capacity of 20 or 30 cartridges. Cartridges are placed in the store in two rows, with a double-row output.

Senior sergeant of the military intelligence reserve, a lieutenant colonel of a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who has extensive combat experience in “hot spots” about APB:

Compact submachine gun with good fire capabilities. With some experience, you can plant the entire store in the target. Good accuracy and when shooting automatic fire with one hand. In modification APB has included CBE and powerful laser designator LP93. Unfortunately, the trunk can be simultaneously attached or CBE or LCC. Fastening is carried out with a latch and has a large backlash.

The shoulder support is one more masterpiece. Due to the small recoil, it is still possible to cope with the embryo of the backplate, but due to poor fixation of the shoulder rest combat position, bullets do not always go in the desired direction. And over time, this node even more loose. Latch button the store very good. No complaints, which can not be said about the handle of the platoon, located in a very interesting place.

It takes a long time to quickly shutter train, since it is necessary not just to pull the handle, but before that, also to drown and do not forget to return it back, as on a PC. Otherwise, during the shot, you can shake the handle that comes back together with the shutter on your fingers … The translator-fuse is located on the “right” side, but the flat shape does not always allow you to quickly rearrange fire regimes, especially in winter, with gloves.


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