Submission to himself a robber or an intruder who penetrated a private house, control over him.

Many private homeowners, having discovered a burglar or an intruder who has invaded their private home, are ready without hesitation to wave their threat and threaten them. However, for you it is more important not only not to suffer yourself and not to allow the criminal to injure your loved ones, but also to prevent the situation from reaching the point where you had to pull the trigger.

Subjugation of a robber or an attacker to a private house, control over him.

Therefore, you need to be able to subjugate a robber or an attacker. And then control his behavior until the arrival of law enforcement officials. And for this it is necessary not only to swing weapons, but also to act correctly.

If your voice or body language betrays that you feel unprotected and weak, the offender can seize the opportunity and begin to dictate his conditions. Therefore, no matter how aggressive you are in everyday life, at the moment of danger you need to act just like that person.

You must give all your commands in a loud and sharp voice. And their wording should be short and extremely clear. The tone of your voice and the words used should speak of self-confidence. The seriousness of intentions and willingness to resort to violence and harm the enemy if he does not want to obey your commands.

Submission to himself a robber or an intruder who penetrated a private house, control over him.

Algorithm of actions for submission of the robber or the malefactor who got into your private house, and control over it.

Always keep a safe distance from the intruder.
Keep calm.
Point your gun at a burglar or attacker.
Keep your finger on the trigger.
Tell the offender to lie on the floor.
Or command the trespasser to kneel.

It’s not enough to just point the gun at the attacker. If he stands and looks at you, he has too many opportunities for action. Tell him to lie down or kneel and not look in your direction. So you get a more serious advantage over him. And if he wants to take some action against you, you will have a head start in time.

By forcing him to turn away, you can call law enforcement. Or order a person close to you to leave the room, and then from the house, preventing the intruder from attacking you at the moment when you are distracted from him.

Do not try to search the attacker yourself and disarm him alone. You can only detain a person who has entered your house if others will help you. If you do not have the relevant experience, it is better to wait for the arrival of law enforcement officials..

Based on the book Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills in the special services methodology.
Clint Emerson.

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