Sudden attack with a weapon – how to defend yourself

On January 15, the schoolchildren of Lev Bidzhakov and the teenagers at Columbine School. Guard at the school. They attacked the teacher and fourth-graders. They couldn’t try it. They were disarmed. The teacher and two of the children are still in the hospital with serious injuries. Both are “kamikazes” from outwardly well-off families. According to media reports, he was fined. Everything in this news is “wonderful.”

Igor Tyunyagin, Deputy Chief Physician for Regional Regional Hospital:

“9 children were brought on skin injuries. They have different parts of the body cut. 10 years rating They were transferred to intensive care. All arrivals are examined by doctors. It can be a psychological shock. ”(Komsomolskaya Pravda)

As they say, “no comment.” That autumn “Ivantee shooter”, now it is. Survived. Once we’ve seen the same thing. And it doesn’t save our children …

What to do? You can do a little in this situation. 90% of adults in this case. Although some fourth-graders were able to run out of the bloody office. Still, recommendations can be given. And parents nowadays shouldn’t bring information to their children. They are walking around in the yard. I am sure that I’ve been able to go through the area.

Safety recommendations for a sudden assault with a weapon:

  • First, you need to try out the room. This is not the case.
  • Secondly, you need to increase the distance between yourself and the attacker with all your might. In any classroom (room) there are chairs and / or bags (briefcases). You can’t be hit with a knife.
    Thirdly, if you’re most likely to be beaten. This is the extreme method when you are squeezed into a corner. There is a chance to have a chance to pull away. Grabbing with your strength. Use all the anger and rage.
  • Fourth, try to turn off the lights (if it’s dark outside) to discourage attackers.

In general, the situation has become a habit. At least in some parts of it. How to avoid a victim of an attack?

I would like to talk about today. This is a deservedly popular profiling. In the face and gestures can even predict the crime. I would like to advise you to:

It is possible to understand. Of course, this can be made.

Therefore, it is not a problem. Perhaps this is a religious fanatic who is preparing to attack.


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