Supercooling in water. Principles, rules, first aid

It is historically and biologically that it has reached the highest level. But of course, it was a warm clothes. Well, a number of other ways, more specific. However, when falling into the river and supercooling in water, which also often happened, clothes did not save.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a detailed study of the concentration camps. It is a fact that it is not a problem. The many statistical results were obtained. Thanks to them that modern rescue algorithms were developed. supercooling in water.

But why supercooling in water so dangerous? It is 27 times higher than that of the air, therefore it is not necessary to reduce heat. It means that the body goes up to the vital organs. But this is not enough for long. You can keep it up at four degrees. And most likely the first, since for an untrained body, such stress is destructive. The following factors significantly aggravate the situation:

  • heat recovery and increase the loss of energy
  • It is a hot water bottle.
  • It has been noted that there has been a loss of mind and time.

This is what the sequence of actions should be:

  • Keep it clean, keep it clean, keep it out of the water
  • If you can pre-prepare – use a wetsuit. It reduces heat loss to an acceptable and relatively comfortable minimum.
  • If you cant
  • Help people who have received supercooling in water, He gets you out of there.

Body temperature and normalization of blood circulation.

ATTENTION! When hypothermia in water, remember:

  • Immediately remove wet clothing. This is necessary to stop further hypothermia. Immediately dry and warm. Acceptable moderate rubbing with ethyl alcohol. It is important to damage the supercooled skin.
  • Hot bath. It is fraught with a brain hypoxia. It leads to a wide variety of skin conditions. Oxygen starvation mode. So that the redistribution occurs gradually.
  • Take alcohol “for warming” is unacceptable, Since it has been declining, it has been slowing down. It is better to give the victim from supercooling in water hot tea.
  • Injured by hypothermia in watere can in any moment of losing consciousness, due to the redistribution of blood. Oxygen starvation (oxygen starvation of the respiratory center in the medulla). In this case, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is recommended, therefore, it is indirect heart massage and artificial respiration mouth to mouth.

Supercooling in water is very dangerous, but you can fight with it. Moreover, you can prepare for it. The English Channel. This is more than 7 hours, it is more than 10 degrees in water. And people do it. True, hey of 5-7 kilograms of fat, but these are details.

Supercooling in water. Principles, rules, first aid

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