Survival and hygiene

For some reason, there is a stereotype of homeless people. It is not clear where it has been. Well, what can I say … hygiene put attention. And in vain.

The hygienic needs. Well, do not worry. Butt It makes it easier to clean your skin. This is a fraught with overheating of the body and unpleasant physiological disorders.

The movement of the skin is not the case. You think “this is a nonsense – I am a healthy man, my immunity will cope with this garbage!” – and nichrome. I once worked for the hospital, where there was a department of purulent-septic surgery. So, citizens who have not paid enough attention hygiene got there with enviable regularity. And yes, normal healthy men. And pyodemia is very unpleasant and very dangerous. It was a uniform horror. It was there that it was peacefully crawling on the scalp.

Conditionally hygiene rules can be divided into two large groups: It is true that, in both cases, there will be more than that.

In the cold weather, it can be as little as possible. This is a way to keep warm. If you want to get wet, then you need to act as follows:

  • If you’re completely wet, you’re soaked, you’re soaked, you’re soaked. It will help you to move your body.
  • If you are partially soaked, it can be cleaned, if necessary, so that it is dry, it can be worn out. If there is no possibility, it can be dry.
  • It can be dried out. The method seems absurd, but it works.
  • If your head is wet, then it is dry with some dry elements of clothing. Therefore, it is much easier to use.
  • If you aren’t soaked, you can’t even be soaked. What for? Then it kills, and quickly evolves quickly harmful additionally to potentially harmful microorganisms. Than it is.

In hot weather, hygiene rules here are the following:

  • Wear adequate clothing that is well ventilated. Synthetics is bad. Cotton and linen are good. You can’t sweat more, dehydration will come faster, you can also earn a sunburn.
  • It will be cooler.
  • Source of water – wet clothes. Sweating. It can be done if you can’t get it.
  • Make sure you don’t need extra rubbing. Regularly wear socks for feet. If you want to take care of your foot
  • Remember about alcohol wipes. It is also possible to reduce sweat and fat.
  • Whenever possible, try to rinse your body with clean water. It can be used not only for drinking.

In short hygiene special attention and you can not pay. But if such a situation is drags on, then hygienic recommendations should no longer be ignored. It is much more difficult than to prevent them. With a classic bum!

Survival and hygiene

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