Survival at the metro station

It was issued in accordance with the law of the United States of America. After the war, it has been determined that it can be used as the enemy of weapons of mass destruction: atomic, chemical, and bacteriological. Also, ventilation shafts are equipped with filters.

It was a scandalous epidemic crisis.

Oh no! They are already close. Enough talking.
Rather, go down to the ventilation shaft!

Ventilation kiosk metro is also an additional exit from the station. There is a risk of sudden penetration. Filters purify the noise that attracts zombies.

Germovorot It has been found that it’s not a problem. The goal of nuclear attack.

Thus, for a very long time.

Office attendant station becomes the headquarters of the asylum. Metro stations. There is also a rechargeable. In the event of a power outage, batteries provide the station with light and communication.

Under blue hatches there are cranes for filling polomoyechny cars. Red hatches hide fire hydrants in the floor of the station This gives enough water for the survivors.

But the most important thing in the current situation is mutual assistance and discipline.

However, even in the seemingly ideal conditions, the emergencies arise.

Something happened! Faster, grab a gun and run!

It is an extremely shitty scenario. After all, zombies are usually much larger than cartridges in stores …

Oh shit! Breakthrough barricades!
Hold the line!
Aim at the head!

Can you withstand the onslaught?

Need to be ready. You can hide in a metro station during a zombie apocalypse:

Everything will be fine!

Who did this?
Survivor Illustrator: Maxim degtyarev
Post-manager: Alexey Luri.

The camera is your last cover!

Survival at the metro station surrounded by zombies. Illustrated allowance

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