Survival at the party. 30 tips on how to maintain health and reputation

Holidays are always beautiful, you can relax. But the most important thing is the holiday itself. Especially in terms of health and reputation =)

If you’re getting drunk … sorry, celebrations =)

Preparing for a party

  1. If you are cooking a snack, make sure that there are no crackers. Otherwise, it will be pretty scratched.
  2. Perhaps there will be a lot of vodka. Therefore, before the beginning of drinking, try to eat well. It is advisable to eat fatty foods. However, it will also neutralize alcohol.
  3. A good remedy against intoxication – porridge: oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat. Thereafter there will be a reduction of the amount of intoxication.
  4. If you are tired or even wrinkled up. Therefore, after you have eaten, you need to sleep.
  5. Drink plenty of water before drinking. Drink at least 10 glasses. It would be better if you still drink it. Make sure you go on a spree.
  6. 50 grams of vodka 2-3 hours before it. This will prepare the body for exercise.
  7. Be prepared mentally. Be prepared for anything. Find out how to get a party or bar. How to get there. Attempts to find a drunk in the middle of the night transport can end miserably.
  8. Emotionally – think only of the good. Or even better not to think at all. Otherwise, a happy holiday will turn into a flood of grief.
  9. Drink a cup of tea before drinking. You can also eat an egg of vegetable oil in advance: they prevent the absorption of alcohol. You can take 2-4 tablets of activated charcoal 10-15 minutes before the first glass. Tablets absorb alcohol and are harmless to the body. It is advisable to additionally take two tablets every hour.
  10. 12 and 4 hours before drinking alcohol, take vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) in any form. The most convenient way to buy a vitamin preparation in a pharmacy. Please note that you should not take vitamin preparations with B vitamins, and not multivitamins. Neurogamma, Pitsian, B-Complex are sold in Russian pharmacies

Feast tactics

  1. Drink only one alcoholic drink. If you decide to drink from First wine, then vodka. Not the other way around.
  2. Control the degree of your intoxication. It is important to be aware of this. Otherwise, you will be forced to drink “penalty”. He also reached the condition of the owners.
  3. Most people get intoxicated more slowly by drinking large amounts of fluids. Anyway, flushing helps prevent dehydration.
  4. However, do not drink strong drinks with carbonated water. It only helps to accelerate intoxication.
  5. Do not forget that drinks (wine, cider, cocktails) hangover is much harder.
  6. During the period, periodically lean on salted nuts or popcorn – it helps.
  7. If you drink well, do not strive to make it even better. It doesn’t get any better
  8. Do not show your not susceptibility to intoxication. It often ends in oddities, which are then difficult to fix.
  9. Do not drink more than others (even if they drink little). Do not drink more often than they drink. Do not drink in the company furtively – it smells foul. It will be bad.
  10. If you’re getting drunk, you can’t get drunk, up to loss of consciousness. When it is consumed in the extreme heat or with thirst.

Hard the next day …

Excessive libations on the eve may cause hangover. It is a very bad state. Get rid of a hangover:

  1. Sound sleep in this case. Drowsiness completely disappears. In the dream, the body throws all the forces to fight intoxication.
  2. Mineral water and compotes. These drinks help prevent dehydration and replenish the supply of vitamins. Also good for these purposes cucumber pickle. It is a microthrombi.
  3. It is necessary to make herbal tea, which includes milk thistle, rosemary, dandelion and peppermint. Brew a tablespoon of herbs in half a bowl. This medication is taken through a glass every half hour throughout the day. It helps even with very bad health.
  4. Shower Slightly cool water along with sweat. Clean skin absorbs faster, and hangover is easier. In addition, a cold shower is a stress for the vessels. After it, they expand, providing greater blood flow to the organs. It has been cleared away.
  5. Activated carbon. It removes the skin from the body.
  6. One tablet of aspirin if you have a healthy stomach. Helping to forget about a headache.
  7. Magnesium will help prevent heart arrhythmia and relieve anxiety of attacks. Therefore, we must make sure that the first-aid kit.
  8. Liquid food. Soup and borscht are rich in nutrients, without which the liver can not function properly. They also contain glucose, which is an antidote against alcohol degradation products. It helps the body get rid of them faster. A lot of glucose is also found in ice cream.
  9. Fresh air. It is the best time to hang out.
  10. It is quite a hangover. If you need to visit a doctor. The liver was not really a good margin of safety. If you want to eliminate alcoholic beverages from everyday life.

Anti-alcohol recipes

If you’re bothering to cook, you’re not always becoming a brewer, but you’re also a 100% security!

  • Cream cheese. 100 g butter, 200 g sour cream, 40 g grated cheese, 10 g salt, 10 g white pepper, 1 bunch of parsley and juice from 2 lemons. Mix everything, spread on bread.
  • Sheep curd with meat pate. 100 g of cottage cheese, 70 g of butter, 10 g of sour cream, 1 tube of meat paste. Again, mix the ingredients thoroughly and spread on bread.
  • Sandwich cocktail. Bread cut into small sandwiches, canned compote. We pierce the construction with a toothpick. Toothpick do not eat.
  • Cream that protects the stomach. Grate 200-250 g of roquefort cheese

For the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It will be a treasure and crushing power.

Survival at the party: 30 tips and tips

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