Survival bike

Which one transport may be in the dark postapocalyptic the future? In flames of nuclear apocalypse (under rotten teeth zombie, in the laser attack of aliens deadly epidemic unknown virus, etc. — There is no electricity, no gasoline.

Heaped cars, studded with spikes and turrets, trucks, motorcycles and buggies — it’s certainly cool — It has been shown to be used for a minimum of 5 years. And then…

Survivors, most likely… bike ride? Remember the movie Turbo Kid — Breathing around the wastelands on the greats. Humor humor — and there is some truth in this.

Bicycle you can take it — It is nothing.

If you develop a topic, you can even talk about survival bike. It may be bicycle-For the survivalists, travelers and hunters, bicycle in severe conditions.

You can come up with many options — here and form bicycle, and landing (as you option bike for tandem «more fun together»?) and options «saturation» — equipment, mounted on the frame, on the trunk, on the steering wheel; for hunting, for survival, for soils, and so on.

We offer you a lot of fun. — here, our Facebook groups or Vkontakte. It is a lot of cyclists. — In any case, it will be interesting to all.

For «priming» we offer an interesting selection — concepts»bike for survival«CG League portal

Survival Bikes


Desert hunter

SW-69 «Speedy wheely»

Very original bike without a name

Trike trader or traveler

And at the end — not quite a bike in the conventional sense, but…

Vehicles for the zombie apocalypse. Seven pedals, four shoot

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