Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

Spending time in a survival situation means that you must also be prepared to cook and prepare meals. An emergency usually requires quick decisions and will generally leave you with fewer options. You have to discover how to prepare your food, how to find what to eat or how to do it at least a little more attractive than it would be, just to feed and keep hunger at bay for a while. While you have some simple pots and even a homemade stove, you can prepare a survival meal for you and your family.

If you are in a critical situation of survival, whether in the desert or in civilization (after a hurricane, tornado, etc.), your main priority will have to be hunting. Depending on the area where you live, you should probably get used to fishing in rivers and lakes, or hunt some forest animals such as squirrels, etc. You may have some other new items in your backpack or emergency kit, so you can use them to liven up your meal. In this article we will share some good recipes about survival cooking and how to do it right.

Trout in aluminum foil

As you can guess, the main food of this recipe is trout. If you are living or hiking in an area with ponds and lakes, where you know you can find trout, do it. You need to catch the fish first of course. You can use some simple methods for that: use a simple fishing rod, a monofilament line and (if you can get one in a survival situation) a PowerBait to attract the fish. If you can not get it, use some insects or insects that will be attached as bait. You have to be patient with that configuration, since catching fish can take a lot of time.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

When you have captured your fish, you have to clean it. Cut the head of the fish and then clean the guts and intestines. After that, wash the inner well with water and clean it with a soft paper towel or a tissue.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your fish tastes as good as possible:

  • Keep the fish alive. This will keep your meat still tender and good, otherwise it is perishable in a very short time. Also, keep the fish away from direct sunlight. Some experienced fishermen also advise that fish should be kept in colder conditions. For example, you can use a cooler or keep the fish in a shaded area.
  • As soon as you catch the fish and it dies, clean it! If you are in a warm area or in summer, the warm weather will eliminate the freshness and tenderness of the fish. While cleaning it, you should remove all the interiors and wash it well. This eliminates bacteria and impurities.
  • Cook the fish using methods such as boiling, frying and baking. These ensure to preserve much of the natural flavor. In addition, excessive cooking attenuates flavor and makes meat more difficult to bite.

Now to the recipe! Wrap each fish you catch in aluminum foil. You can also add salt and pepper (if you have them). Also, if you have lemon or lime, pour some juice on the fish. You can also simply cut slices of lemon and place them on the fish. Finally, put some cuts on a stick of butter, or sprinkle with oil if you have one. Wrap the fish in the foil, so nothing can spill and place in the embers of the fire. It should not take more than 10 minutes to have it ready to eat. When you take it out of the fire, be careful how you handle it, as it will be very hot at first.

Meat / chicken with ramen noodles

This is a recipe that requires ingredients, which I hope you have in canned form or as lyophilized foods (all must be prepared in an emergency kit or when you go hiking around the country).

You will need the following:

  • Ramen soup mix (1 pack / 3 ounces)
  • Chopped or dried onions
  • cooking oil
  • Chicken Meat (dried or canned)
  • Canned peas or any vegetable (can also be substituted for powdered vegetables)
  • Dry cheese / powder
  • Spices

Start by cooking the ramen noodles following the package instructions. In case you have frozen peas / vegetables, cook them with the noodles.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

Then take a pan and sauté the onion for a minute. If you have freeze-dried powdered onions, you do not have to do this step. Otherwise, proceed to the chicken and heat it in warm or boiling water. Add the onion powder to it. If you have fresh onions, sauté along with the chicken.

As the ramen noodles come with a flavor pack, you can now add them to the ramen and peas / veggies. Stir everything (chicken with sauce and onions) until well blended. When you are ready to serve the food, add the dishes and sprinkle with powdered cheese and spices.

If you are in the desert or in much harder conditions, you may have to hunt rabbits or other wild / wild animals to replace the chicken portion. The fish will also do the trick and make a good meal.

The preparation time is 10 minutes. The cooking time is 15 minutes.

Peanut butter energy bars

This recipe requires that you prepare it at home before going camping / hiking or if you want to have some homemade food in your emergency survival kit.

You need three simple ingredients:

  • Peanut butter, 1 cup
  • Honey, ? glass
  • Instant oatmeal, 3 cups

Take the peanut butter and honey and mix them in a saucepan. You need to heat it a little on a low heat, just to make it a little more liquid and easier to handle. Stir them until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Pour the oatmeal content into a pan and add the mixture you just made. Mix them together and then start pressing everything so that it is flat and even on all sides. You do not have to refrigerate, so simply cut with a sharp knife into separate bars.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

You can add dried fruits, green powders, protein powders and other things that come to mind. When finished, place each bar in a plastic bag and take the air out of the bag as best you can. This will preserve them for longer. Otherwise, it is good to consume within several months. Optionally, you can keep them in the fridge to extend their shelf life.

Hummus Recipe

For this you will need:

  • 2 cups of chickpeas (total 24 ounces)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil / sesame / sunflower
  • 6 tablespoons of tahini (sesame)
  • 4 pieces of garlic (or garlic powder)
  • Juice of 3 lemons

To make the hummus you can use a fork to puree or a blender to make chickpea puree; The one you prefer.

If you do it manually, first skip them and when they are well done, add the remaining ingredients and mix to obtain a good consistency. You can also add water until it is slightly liquid, but not too much. Two spoonfuls would be enough.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

If you have a blender, put everything in the blender, more water and mix for a minute or two, depending on the power of your blender. You can place the mixture in a plastic box, or even in a plastic bag with a zipper.

This addition to your main dish is very caloric and can give a good boost of energy. It takes less to feed it, so it does not need to carry loads.

Hardtack Recipe

This recipe comes from the past, when people in the Great Depression tried to survive. We still have to learn from past generations how to survive, and here is a way to get closer to their experience.

Hardtack is a type of very dark bread and to do it you only need three main ingredients:

  • 4 or 5 cups of any flour
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2-3 tablespoons of salt / herbs

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and massage until you have a good dough consistency. Then try to flatten it on a table or other flat surface and do not make it thicker than half an inch. Do not make a circular shape, but actually make it a rectangle. Then proceed to cut smaller square pieces of 3 by 3 inches. Also, since you do not have sodium bicarbonate (although you can add it to the recipe), you should make small holes with a fork on both the top and bottom surfaces.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

You need to cook in an oven and use a baking sheet, but you can also wrap each square of bread in your own aluminum bed with aluminum foil and then place each piece near the hottest charcoals at the base of your fire (if it is In nature). Either way, you will have to wait about 30 minutes until you can eat it.

Usually, in the past people expected this bread to become a piece of hard bread like a brick. This is when it finally heals. It may not be as tasty as you want it to be, but if that’s all you can have for a meal, you’ll still enjoy it.

If you have time to prepare this at home, you can keep this bread for a long time, since it contains almost no moisture (which is why it is so difficult) and, therefore, will not have mold for long. .

You can store it for months in a cooler place without almost humidity, or even store it in a paper bag; if there is any moisture in the bread, it will evaporate through the paper and yet it will remain safe there. Use it for a camping or an emergency situation. To eat it, simply soak it in water for 15 minutes. You can even fry it when it is soggy, or add pieces of soup in a soup, etc.

Tomato Macaroni with Cheese

This recipe is very simple and takes little time to prepare. It is very suitable for quick cooking during a disaster or in a critical survival situation.

You need:

  • Macaroni, 2 cups
  • Powdered Cheese Soup, 1 Pack
  • Canned tomatoes, diced

First you need to cook the macaroni in boiling water. When the macaroni is cooked (no more than 10 minutes), remove it from the pan and drain it of the remaining water. Keep half the water as you need it. Now take the macaroni back into the pan and add the cheese soup and the tomatoes.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

You do not have to boil it, but keep it on low heat for about 5 minutes or more. The pieces of cheese should have melted by then. You can add a little more water if you think it is necessary. Otherwise, this is a good simple recipe and cooking pretty fast.

Recipe of beans and rice.

Another quick and easy recipe. Prepare:

  • Rice, 2 cups
  • Beans (or beans) – ideally 2 cans
  • 1 can of white beans
  • 1 jar of spaghetti sauce (no more than 50 ounces)

Boil the water and add the rice. You have to cook the rice until it is edible. When finished, you can add the remaining ingredients so that the flavors mix well. Let it simmer until everything looks ready. If you think the rice absorbed too much water or evaporated, add more during the simmering process (or you can stick and burn to the bottom of the pan).

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

This recipe provides 6 to 8 servings.

Indian bread recipe

For this recipe you will need the following:

  • two? cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • ? teaspoon of salt
  • Cooking oil or vegetable shortening.
  • ? Glass of water

Mix the flour, soda and salt in a bowl. When you’re finished, add the oil / butter, and then you have to massage with your hands. After a few minutes, add the water and continue massaging until it finally has a soft and pleasant mass (it should not be stuck to your hands).

Then you have to make small balls of the dough, no bigger than a golf ball. Roll tightly between your palms and then flatten them on a table or a flat surface. However, do not thin them too much, the thickness should be less than one inch.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

Use a skillet / pan and put cooking oil and preheat. After a few minutes, add each bread cake in the pan and fry on both sides.

Recipe of beans and mushrooms

The ingredients are the following:

  • 1 can of mushroom soup
  • 1 can of beans (any type of beans will serve)

Mix the contents of the two cans in a pan.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

Place on the fire or stove and heat the food. If you have a garlic bread this meal would taste really good. And that is!

Salad Recipe for Carrots and Peas

An easier recipe and this is what you need to do it:

  • 1 can of peas
  • 1 can of carrots
  • Salt / other spices or herbs
  • Salad dressing / sauce

Prepare the vegetables by first squeezing them out of the juice they had in the can.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

When they are ready, add them together in a bowl. Then use the dressing to top off the salad and add salt / spices / herbs.

Baked beans recipe

Here are the ingredients to prepare:

  • 2 cans of beans
  • 2 cans of sausage / 1 pack of hot dogs
  • Mustard
  • Onion Powder / Garlic
  • Bacon chips

Prepare a pan / skillet and put the beans (drain them before that) and bake them for a while. There is no exact moment for the cooking process, everything depends on your own needs and tastes. After a while, you can add sausages / hot dogs to the edges of the pan. Instead of a pan, you can also use a Dutch oven or other cooking container that you have on hand. Cook over a fire or using a camp stove. You should also make sure that the beans and sausages are well browned, so you may have to turn them a little to keep them cooked evenly.

Survival Cooking: Delicious And Quick Recipes to Save You in Need

All of the above recipes may vary depending on the foods you have on hand (canned, lyophilized, captured games, etc.). Whatever the situation you are in, you can customize these meals accordingly. Do not be afraid to experiment.

While doing so, you can discover more about your personal taste and this will also help you prepare for a slightly better disaster / survival situation. Also, if you are allergic to some of the above ingredients (such as peanut butter and mushrooms), you can substitute peanut butter with another nut butter, to which you are not allergic, and the mushrooms can be substituted for snacks of soft meat.


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