Survival during BP: Be invisible

According to psychologists Princeton university Janine willis and Alexandra Todorova, It is an experience of a person. Their research also shows that the stranger doesn’t cancel the first impression.

Again, it will not work again.

Whether it’s fair or not, we are all appreciated. As we move through the power structures. Our appearance, our appearance, our examined and evaluated. Alas be completely invisible no one will succeed …

In some cases, people consider their race, clothing, tattoos, hairstyle and other features. The so-called “bad guys.” It is a strangers.

It is the rule of law for a person to act. prevent a possible risk of sacred life and health.

According to experts, to make it easier to be invisible, you need to be a mnemon BLISS. It stands for:

B – closer to the surroundings
L – cling to the background
AND – exclude easily recognizable form
WITH – reduce the size
WITH – try not to catch sight

Abbreviation name Bliss usually associated with military specifics. It makes it easy to memorize key concepts of disguise. But, Bliss can you stay out of sight and to be invisible.

If you’re not on the street, you’ll find out how to use it.

Becoming invisible – It will be determined. But for this, you can assess your needs.

In some cases, everything, you need to become inconspicuous – change clothes. Obviously, wearing camouflage clothing in combination with a camouflage clothing. Your appearance is the most important. stealth condition.

The freedom of freedom is the main thing. But this is a double-edged sword. And, for example, when introducing unwanted attention. So think about yourself or better. to be invisible and live much longer?

It’s a survivalist or “preparatory.” Why? It is inevitably associated with a “survivalist”. will be formed. It depends on what they buy, if they are interested in buying food and so on. It has been a great deal of interest to make people aware of it. You do not need such attention.

Freedom of movement is an illusion.

In some states you can openly carry weapons. In sight of all, unless, of course, you have permission. However, even the presence of permission and unwanted attention. Hurt to be invisible.

You stand out if you openly carry a weapon. In a restaurant, in a shop or on the street, people will pay attention to you. If you have permission or not. They are afraid. There is enough time for even a long time to get to the station. Of course, you will not be able to get lost. Is it possible to be invisible, creating a similar buzz around you? Unlikely.

In a BP situation, people will try to be alert. They will look out for everyone. You can’t be detained without explanation. You can even be assessed. It will help you to go somewhere and to be invisible.

It’s your belief. But you have to save your life, and often not for your family. What you are trying to find out? as inconspicuous as possible.

To to be invisible You may need to dye or even cut your hair and cover up your tattoos. You may need to change clothes. It is clear that there is a chance that there will be a lot of it. take you home. And you surely don’t.

Being a stranger is dangerous

If you have a stranger to them. You will be appreciated in a fraction of a second, based on appearance, manner of conversation and behavior. The first impression is unfavorable, then you will be considered a threat. And they will act accordingly.

Summarizing. If you are a bastard, you’re To be invisible – this is what you can help your survival. Therefore, it will be too late.

Original article – Disappearing In A Crowd

Survival during BP: Be invisible

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